🐮 Madcows is recruiting! Come join our friendly veteran players! 40k seals! [30/30]


I would be interested if you have a spot.


Sure @Jaxal. What’s your invite code?


Invite code GUNDAM0518


@Jaxal - Invite code should be coming your way anytime. Welcome! :slight_smile:


Invite received and accepted. Thanks!


Just an update: We’re looking to fill a few more spots.


I’d be interested. Invite code is shenze2


Hi @shenze,

Invite sent your way. Welcome! :slight_smile:



Interested in joining. Level 56 player but I took a break a while back so I’m open to a new guild. Invite code is SIRPRIMROSE.

Edit: Is there an ideal time I can not log in without being kicked? Sometimes I’ll have a busy week and not be able to log in so 7 days is about max for me but I was wondering what your target is.


Hi @SirPrimrose,

You’ll be good up to a week occasionally. Maybe more depending on how much you’ve contributed and whether you let us know in chat.

Sent you an invite. If that sounds good to you feel free to join.



Thanks! Hoping to be a good addition.


Just an update: We’ve got a spot or two available.


I’d join, as long as guild wars are happening. CHESSPIECEFACE


Hi @Chesspieceface,

Invite sent your way. We are enthusiastic about Guild Wars and are undefeated so far this week. :slight_smile:



I got the invite but you are full


Hi @Chesspieceface

Sorry about that. Looks like another member invited someone to fill that spot while I was away. I’ve made room and sent another invite if you are still interested.



Update: We are now full.


Update: One spot is now open.


I’m interesting! Djordje Vethelot, lvl 580, daily player


New to the forums. I am most interested in guild seals as I max out every week and can’t find a guild that does very well with this. Talberon_29 lvl 632. Thanks a bunch!