Council of Chiefs, clone wars

Got two more data points from my guild, a 5820 with t6 purchase, 120 total battles played, and another t4 with 92 battles scoring 4420. Seems I might have been at the low end of the score variance for my T4 purchase, meaning reward 11 might be possible with full t4/full participation/no missed ravens, but the fact that its multiple layers of RNG (battles, the scores from the battles, raven appearance rate) makes it not really worth chasing. However, the person that had a t6 purhcase (again, no losses/no lost ravens) was also far below estimate on their score while being above on battle count. So it looks like reward 12 still wasn’t possible without a majority t6 buy-in under any estimation and some t7s, bare minimum. The only additional reward present on this events reward structure not present on previous ones was a single (epic rarity) token on 10 out of 12 of the stages, but having them be this much harder means (significantly higher) basline buy in and (significantly longer) perfect runs gets you 8-9 more tokens rather than 2 minor and one major orb. This just leads me to believe that these tokens are being massively overvalued on whatever internal “gem value” table they have, and unless this changes, while these tokens are on the rewards, the milestones will also be intentionally massively inflated.

To show you why they aren’t worth what they are “valued” at, I don’t think a single person here would have been angry if all the prior event rewards were consolidated to appear to before reward 10, and stage 11 and 12 just had the all the tokens currently given throughout. This anger would have been replaced by a mixture confusion and laughter, since nobody on this side of the fence values them that much. The immediate response would have been to just skip getting those rewards, forever. If removing the tokens from the reward side of thing is what it takes to get the payouts back to a reasonable spread, I think most would be amenable to that - people are already confused why they are given out as rewards for the event as well when they just become generic tokens after the fact. And of course, there is still the option to up the seasons medals to mythic rarity, which would help as a carrot, but likely still not to overcome this kind of cost.


Lol, it really would.

I mean, sure, if you happened to complete one of those stages by chance or without planning to, it might be a nice, little bonus (“Yayy, tokens!!!”), but nothing to strive for, really, since once you have a set of 3 (which you can get from a couple of events’ worth of Shop purchases), they only represent time saved in Explore – which, as mentioned elsewhere, also carries other rewards (namely Gold).