Council of Chief lore: enemy non-Grosh'Nak troops has lore implications. Is Malcandessa a slave?

TL;DR: Is Malcandessa a slave? Or does she fight with orcs of her own will?

That’s right, I’m here to talk about the real problem with this event. Ignore all those baseless complaints

World events provide lore, which thus calls into question any aspects of their design that are inconsistent with that lore. An offender here is the enemy orc tribe use of non-Grosh’Nak troops as the event is nominally about orc tribes fighting each other.

Normally, the use of troops not relevant to an event themes is fine since there’s no story or plot or setting or any other reason to not expect such and also because troop restrictions usually prevent building balanced teams that could reasonably challenge the player. An event predicated on lore lacks this privilege.

Although there are some other foreign troops used, Malcandessa is the most prominent as she is the only one that is both sapient, intelligent, and thus has the free will to know what she’s doing. Why would she leave Zhul’Kari for Grosh’Nak to serve Sol’Zara when elves usually have stressed relations with orcs? Is she actually there because she wants to be? Or is she a slave? Or a mercenary?

Why do only Sol’Zara and Gargantuar have foreign troops in their armies? Are they better at foreign relations? Or otherwise able to execute expeditions to foreign lands to capture troops and force them to fight at their pleasure?

Also why aren’t other tribes beholden to the same troop restrictions as the player? Sol’Zara and Gargantuar need to be disqualified from the Council of Chiefs.

What else is Infinity Plus Two hiding from us?

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I’m still just upset that Dark Song is tagging along with Gar’Nok (as part of “Gar’Nok’s Gang”!) after the whole kerfuffle we went through in her quest to keep him away from her.