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Could you rate/optimize my buddy's team?

So, I have a friend that I’m trying to get into Gems of War, and so far he likes it enough that I helped him make a team. He’s just started, so he has most of the basic white and green cards, with a limited amount of blues. I’ll post his team, and I would greatly appreciate any suggestions, even if he doesn’t have them, they’re still something to look out for and for him to work towards. Please keep suggestions to something fairly accessible/obtainable by someone pre-level 50. Also, I’m not looking for PVP, PVE, or Explore, as he’s new and none of that matters right now, I just want to make sure he’s got an overall solid team to go off of for now.

Adana Banner Red+1/Yellow+1

Rock Spirit
Earthquake (11 Purple/Brown)
Destroy a row and column. Deal [Magic + 4] damage randomly split among enemies, boosted by Brown Gems destroyed. [4x]

Monkey Disciple
Divine Gift (11 Blue/Green)
Create 7 Red and 7 Yellow Gems. Give all allies [Magic + 1] Life

Snowy Owl
Night Vision (8 Yellow)
Destroy all Purple Gems, and create 7 Gems of a chosen color.

Wise Warrior (12 Red/Yellow)
Deals [Magic + 8] damage randomly split amongst enemies, boosted by Yellow Gems. Summon a Lightstorm. [3x]

No traits yet.

The strategy is to first fuel Monkey Disciple, who then fuels Snowy Owl and Strygik. Snowy Owl then can fuel Rock Spirit as Snowy Owl destroys all purple gems, which go strait to Rock Spirit, while simultaneously creating 7 gems of a chosen color, so he can help fuel any of his other troops AND Rock Spirit at the same time. Usually, Snowy Owl fuels Monkey Disciple with the 7 extra gems, but it can be used for whatever troops need it the most. Afterwards, either Rock Spirit or Strygik are fueled by then and can fire off pretty decent damage. Strygik not only works well with Monkey Disciple creating his gems and Snowy Owl creating some if needed, but he also summons a light storm, which in turn helps fuel Snowy Owl and himself. Rock Spirit can also help fuel the other team members with his spell, as destroying an entire row and column can typically top up any who are close to already being filled. This team also takes advantage of all the gem colors.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for this specific team set-up? Or any ratings for the team?