New player team build help please

Hi. Started playing almost a week. Level 35 so far. I do not have units to build any of the team recommended in the guide.

My current team. I only have enough resources to level them to 10-11.

Fire Lizard use red gems and create more red gems that sometimes can keep it attacking over and over for 3+ turns. Flame Troll double red gems on board which can refill Lizard immediately. When Lizard mana not ready, Stone Giant destroys all red gem to boost its own damage. Fomorian sort of just there so earth gems not go to waste.

My current problem is that I cannot deal enough damage once the enemies start reaching 25+ HP and hitting me for 10+ often times to the whole team. Even when Lizard got his chain going on he only hits for 6-7 damage/hit. Stone Giant also only deals 10 damage at most. And on a good Frost Troll turn there’s no one to receive the excess red gems destroyed, I have a Berserker that looks like the best to absorb those red gems but his element (Fire/Water) would overlap with Troll/Lizard completely.

Any suggestion please? Here are some units I have

My top rarity units. Kinda want to use Shadow Dragon but can’t put together a good synergizing team for him.

Top rarity units #2. The rest are green and below.

Gems converter + Templar, Orc, Villager

Deal Damage skill sort by rarity

few questions:

  1. what weapons do you have ?
  2. what classes did you unlock ? (probably warlord)

One general tip:

  1. try putting your hero into team

please put your weapons/clases and i’ll try to make something decent for you

quick look at the troops. I’d go for something like this:

Shadow Dragon (yellow/purple)
Hero with any wepaon (any color, but probably red is worst choice)
Alchemist (red/brown)
Giant Spider (green/blue)

With this team you utilise all mana colors form the board + when alchemist /spider is full, you can convert gems to yellow/purple to fuel Shadow Dragon a bit more.
Hero is always good for gaining experience (and unlocking more masteries = more weapons, and gaining hero class exp, which is needed for unlocking some powerfull traits).
If Dragon dies, you can always summon some spiders by giant spider. (that’s why we dont want hero to use red weapon)

i would also suggest doing full quest line in Zaejin and unlocking thief, as he can get some troop summoning talents, which might be usefull in early game.

Hope you’ll find this post usefull. If need any more help, feel free to ask.


Thank you!

  • I only have weapons dealing damage, nothing fancy effect yet. I guess this 4 cost water Sword of Hero would be nice so it can quickly fill up allowing the rest of water mana to go to Giant Spider?

  • The summoned spiders use red mana?

Relate banners I have are dark x2 and dark+earth. Going to try them out.

Use sword of water. Charges fast, deals some damage.

Yes, those summoned ones, are common (rarity) and use only red mana.

one hint for future:

try to get Runic Blade weapon (requires few yellow and green masteries → try to focus these 2 first while lvling, eventualy you want to have 35 each for last weapon from masteries) , when you get Runic Blade, you can try doing some arena fights (with runic blade as your weapon)-> that mini game is quite fun, and can give you lots of gold/souls/glory keys early in the game

if you have any treasure maps → you can try running treasure hunt (gives mainly gold and souls, but you can get some gems/keys also from higher lvl chests)

thses 2 mini games can give you some resources you might need , if you get stuck on your way (like souls to lvl up your troops/keys to get new troops)

cheers and have fun with the game

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Runic Blade is an excellent weapon to use during Arena. I recommend Brown and Red mana first to all my new recruits so they can unlock Mang first tho. Personal preference, plus I don’t care much for Arena…it is a good source for souls tho.

The way the game forces new players to unlock kingdoms in a certain order irritates me, because Pridelands is one of the final 5 kingdoms to unlock, and my Alt needs an Arcane Traitstone for his Firebomb, War and Peace, Sunbird, Firebomb team. (Alt also needs to finish soul forge quests).

Use gold to level Zhul’kari and Karakoth to 10 as soon as you can, @panupatc, and Blighted Lands and Darkstone once those are unlocked. Silverglade…gl hf.

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