Could we just decide the game by coin toss plz?

Now seriously, who enjoys fighting that 3 centaur+bone dragon team?

IMO it’s as pointless as boring. Plus mildly disgusting. Could we just shortcut it with a single coin or D20 toss?

… Very funny, Scotty, now beam down my clothes!

Make a team with 1-2 stone skin troops in the first slots and use it when you see skull heavy teams. Golem is a common that has full immunity and 50% skull reduction.

It’s moves and counter-moves…

  • Plutarch Heavensbee

Yeah I’m thinking of running 1-2 Golems and a Sunweaver to keep them beefed up. Just have to figure out what else to place to round out an anti True Shot team. Probably KoS or Sheggy for carpet bombing to get past Agile? Would also want something to keep the Skeletons in check too…

On a related topic, it would be cool if Entangle could also mitigate the Agile trait in addition to stopping damage :wink:


I like this idea… Way more than I should, probably. :smiley:

Question: does Agile also evade exploding skulls? If it doesn’t I’m thinking of running this as a counter to Agile True Shot teams:

Golem - stoneskin
Carnex - would love to unlock Armored
Sunweaver - Jinx would be nice
Orion - Siege

Hunters Mark + explody skulls = ded centaur :wink:

It looks like Kinght Coronet would be a great first slot troop and well Gloom Leaf, that would be living the dream!