Cool screenshot topic


not the worst bug on earth :smirk_cat:




(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]

Have you ever seen starting board like this?




I’ve had a few like that with Mercy before… very easy lol.


50 glory keys O.o

I’ve used up my luck for the month, I think.


Wtf is this luckkkkkk!!!

This is beyond insane!!!

Nope that’s all the luck for the whole year!


This is luck for the next generation of humanity. And the prehistoric days. And all of existence. Congrats!


The secret is that black cats are actually lucky. :smirk_cat:


Are you sure it is 50 glory keys and not 50 gem key?

The probability of that seems abyssimal…


I’m sure. I didn’t use gem keys today. I only used gold keys and glory keys.


Damn than go buy a lottery ticket!


Ye olde 1,2,3,4


200 event keys.


Ice trolls drop rate was double Glenhammers in your photo…:joy::rofl:
I have everything to Mythic from the new Kingdom but her. One copy short.




Do you like my swap on the game icon?


Seriously what the heck is that starting board…


It’s an opponent mercy “haha you’re dead” board.


Indeed I was 3 turns later by Great Maw skull matching


Take the horizontal yellow match in the bottom right corner. Yellow above will drop for another match, which then makes a blue vertical 4-match. You’ve cleaned some of the yellow/purple mess and held the turn…

…then you can maybe take another set of yellows out, or get lucky with the board… I think you may be stuck with two Mercy 4+ sets you can’t disrupt - but you might have moved it around so that Mercy doesn’t instafill the Maw… maybe :thinking: