Cool screenshot topic



One opponent left, but thanks for the win. :grinning:


No offense, A W Ryan, but this made me think how ironic is that xD


He’s protesting, can’t you see?:rofl::rofl:


He has also spent enough dollars to be a VIP level 11 player. One does not simply become a much better customer than him. :rofl:


Why? I don’t pay for gems. Still have 9k after Tier 7. :grinning:


Was* a customer. No longer am… Perhaps you’ve read that before??
Vip 12 and up are a much better customer than me. But yeah… You’re welcome.


I know this weird bug was posted several times, but this one is quite funny!

Run, Keeper of soul!


When Sir Gwayne calls not 1 but 2 Champions of Anu for assist in the win.


That’s some luck



It is finally time! Maybe I should wait another week, though…


Time for what?

A screenshot?



I’m sure he wants to pull bounty troops with these. And Mythic them.


Damn these hoarders!



This is outrageous! How dare they hoard these resources and throw them in our very faces??? We will not tolerate that!


I know right? I only have a few remaining keys and 1 or 2 gems to console myself.



I love the colors of these orbs.


Yikes 2 major growth.

That’s like a slap in the face, twice!


Yeah, awful luck with orbs so far.


after the 1st turn :man_facepalming:t2: