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Contributing to the guild

@JasonAshcroft Hi Jason, Dale here, just checking in as you requested, to chat about how else I can contribute to the guild as I don’t play for long each day. I am also trying to level up my different towns so gold comes in quicker and get them to 5 stars, some are already there. I was able to contribute the minimum at first, but the new ones are a bit more out of my reach. The reason is I often work a bit late and don’t take my tablet to work. I am happy to contribute a bit more gold and try continue leveling my towns slowly

Hey there, pal… thanks for getting in touch.

First of all, I’d like to summarize what the new update brought to us, which is why we increased the minimum contributions this week.

I believe the minimum contribution has been super casual thus far, but I cannot imagine how hard or easy it is to make money on the lower end of the guild. Anyways, the problem with the minimum contribution is, that if 20 out of 30 members only do the bare minimum, we’re at risk of losing members on the higher end of the guild, especially Menacra, Zelarith and me, which would result in a massive loss of weekly contributions. That’s why I added the information to the weekly contribution log so everyone can see where the money comes from (total contribution vs contribution of the top 10 contributors).

Not too much of a problem when it comes to gold… cause those on the top have always been compensating the lower amount of gold on the lower end.

Same goes for trophies… which we need to stay on top of the guild rankings. Some play less… some play more. The trophies that dont come in from the lower end can be obtained by the higher end.

Now what’s new is the guild seals. Everyone can only obtain 1.500 of them per week. The higher end of the guild cannot obtain those guild seals that are missing from the lower end. Why do we need guild seals? You can get 1.500 of them and trade them into guild chests for 20 seals per chest (for a total of 75 chests per week for every player). The quality of those chests depends on the total amount of guild seals the guild brought in. At 20k seals, the chest doesnt contain common cards anymore, at 40k seals, the chest also doesnt contain rare cards anymore. So hitting 40k seals would make the guild chest be the equivalent of a gem key. That’s 75 gem keys worth 675 gems for everyone if we obtained the 40k seals per week.

I dont believe that we’ll make it there… simply cause that would need everyone to obtain 1.333 seals per week. Getting to tier1 would already get you about somewhere between 700 and 800 seals, depending on the amount of matches you played. This is why we added tier1 to the minimum contributions.

If we dont hit the 40k mark anyways, we only need 20k seals. And that’s roughly those 700 seals we demanded. Now some players will get to their cap of 1.500 which means that we dont need everyone to get 700 seals per week, we’ll still get to 20k nonetheless.

Getting to tier1 yields the most seals, gold and glory of everything you can do in GoW. Which is why I believe everyone should aim for that target every week. But since it doesnt make any difference if everyone gets there… I can live with some members not making it.

tl;dr: We need 20k guild seals at least… cause I dont think we make it to 40k anyways. So we dont need everyone to get to tier1.

What do you think, how many seals, trophies and gold could you contribute per week? We can always use more gold even without the seals attached to it.

EDIT: Which part of the new minimum contributions is problematic for you?

Hi Jason

Thanks for the reply

The gold contribution I could up to 80k per week, the seals I could try
push to 350, trophies, I am not sure at this stage, but will try run more
PvP if I can

Hey Dale,

I cant promise that we’ll never increase the minimum gold. But you better keep that extra 30k as long as you’re still leveling your kingdoms. Seals are a problem, but only a minor problem cause we’ll still get to the 20k and the 40k are far out of reach. So you stick with us and we’ll see what the future brings.

Cheers =)