Two very active players seeking guild

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You two sound like folks that the top guilds will want in the very near future! The only issue I foresee is that maxing statues weekly requires 30 people donating ~600k each on average. Very few would be hitting that mark with 2 minimal contributors (this is why most of those guilds ask for a minimum of 500k).

I highly suggest getting into a tier-2 guild that works with a top guild, such as Anothernymous . This way you can work with folks who know where you’re trying to go and help you get there ASAP.

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The problem we face is guilds that do not have a gold requirement usually have lower general requirements so it leads to people slacking off even on seals, and guilds who do reach 40k seals ask for hefty gold donations, which we can’t reach when we’re leveling kingdoms, even if we both have dragon armor.

That will be a very temporary problem though! Plus you can save all your seals for when you’re finally hitting 40k. When you’re close to endgame you save virtually all of your keys for new releases anyway so it’s a good habit to get into :wink:

A few more words about Anothernymous… although I have PMed the GL to check if they still have slots left…

The guild is very new: it has been created 3 weeks ago. They have not reached the 40K seals last week and the previous one because they were not full yet. However I think it is going to be their next goal. And I know that the GL is reflecting about establishing a seals req.

No gold req for the moment. Because part of the members are new and are leveling their kingdoms. Howewer the guild also has high level players and veterans from Anonymous (the #1 guild) on vacation who are quite active and able to give a lot of gold. So it is the 2nd week that they complete all the tasks + 2 legendary tasks.

They have a Discord server, have reached the top 2000 in 2 weeks and keep on growing fast.

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Anothernymous sounds okay if they have 2 spots and it’s an upgrade over the current guild. Not reaching 40k seals without a full roster is of course understandable, but if we are 27-30 we should aim for that. I’m not sure how fast can statues grow in newly founded guilds, but I’d have really liked that +8 armor bonus from blue task as Rowanne is the centerpiece in my traitstones farm team :smiley: I’d still want to point at my issues with discord though.

I couldn’t answer you about statues. I don’t remember well and I don’t know if it is linear or faster at low level.
We will get back to you as soon as the GL can be reached. :slight_smile:

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I’ll catch some sleep now but will check the topic replies throughout tomorrow. If Anothernymous doesn’t have spots for us or we can’t agree on terms, I’ll listen to offers from other guilds so please post them. We want to find a new home before the week’s reset so all our seals go to the new guild.

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Sorry, there will certainly be more slots in a few days, but there is only one left for the moment.

Stratagemini hits the 40k seals and actually we achieve 4 tasks, we well be glad to have you with us.
We are the sister guild of stratagem, so in the future you could join a top guild very easily.
We dont ask gold to members under lvl 200, only 1200 seals min.
After that we ask at least 500 gold per level, most of us give more.
We can wait you to finish to level your kingdoms

Let me know if you are interested, we have to spots available

Thank you for the offer, it would have tempted me, but we have found a spot in the meanwhile. Good luck.

Argg, too bad for me !;-)Good luck to you !

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