[Contact Support] PS4 Minor issue - Display didn't refresh immediately after lantern booster purchase

PS4 - I purchased the lantern booster twice in a row and after the second purchase the count of lanterns displayed in the upper right corner did not update right away like it did after the first purchase. I checked the in-game shop screen that opens by pressing R1 and it still showed only 1 purchase and 6 available lanterns there too. I even exited Underspire and went back in and it did not update.

Then I played one match using a torch and afterwards everything updated and correctly showed 2 purchases and 11 lanterns available. I made a 3rd purchase and the same thing happened, the numbers did not update until after I played another battle.

So it seems like there is a missing trigger for the display to update after shop purchases beyond the first, and only playing a battle forces the numbers to update again.

Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for your report.

As this issue includes potential missing purchases, for your own privacy and safety, please Contact Support via Ticket.

In the ticket please include the following information:

  • Platform
  • Invite Code
  • Receipt Screencaptures of Lantern Purchases.
  • Same description of the issue
  • Any debugging/ fixing attempts for this issue that you have made.

Please note that the lantern inventory not updating correctly is a currently known issue with the development team.

Thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

No missing purchases, just reporting this bug, which I see is already fixed in the latest update. All good.