Contact info going forward


This isnt a goodbye or a dear john but i know it will be flagged anyway.

Once i log off here i will not be logging back in. All my friends can already get in touch with me and those who cant i have already sent PMs to.

That being said my memory can be poor at times and if there is anyone who wishes to keep in touch who i havent already contacted send a PM to @Stan or @Eika and they can give you my psn or discord



Sorry to see you go. We talk later!


Lol who keeps posting here and immediately deleting it to bumpthis to the top? This haa happened several times and i would hope the person responsible would be mature enough to step forward


Is that what is happening?! :joy:
I was wondering…


Its gotta be… Its the only explanation i can come up with. If i am wrong tho i will gladly retract my statement but only the devs can provide that info even though they wont for obvious reasons


Its like trying to go out a door and it slams you. Hopefully the moderators can figure out who bumped it.


Perhaps its just me being paranoid but i feel like its a way of telling me to leave the boards