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Constant Load/Fail to Receive Data issues

Plataform PC/Mobile.

This is happening quite often in the last hour after battles or even on the World Map as you can see on the pictures above. Is everything ok with the servers?

We did have some server issues on the 30th but not on the 2nd (when you posted this.)

Are you still having the issue now?

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Not anymore, it felt strange because everything else seemed to be working on my end. It lasted for an hour or so… Well, no need to fuss about it now anyway.

Sorry, I’m not sure what happened, it may have been somewhere in the connection between us that had the issue and it’s been fixed now, which is why other services would continue working but not the game (assuming they don’t hit the same point with the issue when you’re connecting to their servers).

I’m glad it’s fine now.

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to anyone else suffering this, it may be a resource pig background app. Android-settings-applications, see if anything going sideways, like 1G use, etc.

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@Razzagor if it does happen again make sure that you don’t have any Data management applications or VPN apps running, and if so consider whitelisting Gems.

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