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The game is loading forever after every match

I had never this problem before. Yesterday all was fine. But since today after every match the game loads “forever”. The match is starting normal, the match isn`t laggy, but after every match I have to wait a long time, until the results are shown. There seems no problem with the severs… so I am the only one with this problem?
The game is nearly unplayable for me at the moment. :frowning:

PS: My internet is fine, this is not the problem.


Now even other parts of the game are loading “forever” sometimes. x_X

The message says there is a problem with the servers, but on the homepage is written (as far as I see) that the servers are fine. The message says too, I should restart the game - what I have allready done, but it doesn´t help. :frowning:

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Just curious – What platform are you playing on? I have not loaded up yet this morning…

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I am playing on the PC.

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same problem here…playin on phone

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Now even the matches don´t start anymore.
No delve event value for me today it seems like. :cry:

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Ps4 plattform always ever loads not playing today

Global and guild chat destroy by me xD

still server issues on pc here

Working fine here in PS4.

I’m in the USA

game cannot load assets during start up…
retry retry retry and after a while it works but no normal play possible
(and no yellow or red server problem exclamation mark)

just the forum and the internet address https://gemsofwar.com/ was not reachable for me for about 1min (connecting time out) from Germany
during this time my internetconnection worked fine

Looks like a German ISP problem. Same for me since this morning. On my phone I have no trouble playing with mobile data (Telekom), but when I switch to Wifi or cable and use my DSL connection (1&1) game wont load or get stuck after a few minutes.

Same problem here on PS4, i am in Germany, and takes forever between battles… “Server Error”

Hey there, thanks for the reports, we’re looking into this. If anyone is experiencing this issue please let us know:

  1. What is your ISP (internet service provider)?
  2. Please follow Step 6 of this article and private message me the results
  3. When did this begin occurring?
  4. Please quote the exact error message you are receiving (if you have not already)
  5. Are you using WiFi, Ethernet, or 3G/4G?

Looks like everything is back to normal for me. Thanks anyway! :sunny:

Game load normal today thanks ^^