Console version

So, there’s a few problems I have with the console version. 1. why aren’t the console and mobile versions synced up? 2. Why is there no “profession” system on console like there is on mobile? and most importantly where is the Wild Plains event on the map? this post being as of 6/10/16 on PS4 for reference.

  1. Legal reasons they can’t.
  2. I believe your next patch has it.

Hero classes are coming in the next update.

Wild Plains is toward the lower left side of the map. It’s been there since Tuesday. You may have to spend 4000 to unlock it though.

Lower left side

I get east/west dyslexic sometimes.

thanks on the hero updates, but for the life of me I still can’t find wild plains

A bit out of date now, but it still shows you where to find Wild Plains.