How far behind are we?


I was just curious how far behind the ps4 is compared to the PC?..And are they any guides to show this?


This thread may be of interest:

Console is missing three (I think) kingdoms (Wild Plains, Drifting Sands, Blighted Lands), a bunch of event troops, and Hero classes. The troops that are common with the PC/mobile game are mostly up-to-date with balancing.


Ahh ok…thank you


We also don’t have Trait Stones as rewards for the treasure hunt and its newer result screen (exact statistics showing a score and the total amount of moves), yet.


…or the corresponding 7-move reduction (15 to 8).


can’t wait for that, 15 takes too long.


Trust me when i say you lose 7 moves but get a 20% reward buff.


if i could retreat and have the map used I would.