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CONSOLE: My Fair Lady

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/console-my-fair-lady/
It’s good to have friends in high places

As you’ll see in our patch notes, Console event changeover is now happening at an identical time to Mobile/PC… 7am GMT

This means 2 troops (Winged Bison & Savage Hunter) briefly appeared in the store earlier today. We’ll be carrying over those troops into next week’s shop rewards tab too so that everyone has a chance to get them!

New Troop: Lady Anariel

Anariel, the Lady of Thorns, is one of the more powerful Queens of the Elves.
The Elves of the Forest of Thorns are loosely organized into many small clans, or “castes”, each one boasting a leader who names themselves as King or Queen.
One of oldest castes, from which the forest takes its name, is the Thorncaste, over which Lady Anariel’s family has ruled for more than a millenium.

Lady Anariel will be available both as a Glory reward, and in Event Chests, and will be added to other chests in 4 weeks.

New Troop: Thorn Knight

The Thorncaste’s most elite warriors, protectors of Lady Anariel, are known as the Thorn Knights.
They wrap themselves in cloaks covered with wicked thorns, and can move unhindered through even the most dense tangles, including the massive wall of thorns that defends Lady Anariel’s tree palace.

The Thorn Knight will be available both as a Glory reward, and in Event Chests, and will be added to other chests in 4 weeks.

New Legendary Troop: Sylvanimora

As one of the oldest clans of the Forest of Thorns, the Thorncaste have many powerful allies, including the ancient Forest Dragon, Sylvanimora.
Sylvanimora and Lady Anariel have a friendship stretching back over many centuries; she has even ridden Sylvanimora into battle on occasion!

Sylvanimora will be available once this event starts in all chests (except Gold ones).

Please note this Event only applies to PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

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Does that mean that console event reset is today at 5pm Aussie time?

I believe that it changes 6pm Aussie Time (ADST), since daylight savings has kicked in here (at least in Melbourne).

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1st try with glory keys and,…


Another 3 new troops? Crikey strewth barbie.

For a moment I thought Syl was going to be available as a glory event troop :tired_face:

Yo @Robert does salad dragon even show up in your troops page on xbox? It’s not showing on ps4 after I select show all.
I even watched the event chest page to see if it popped up there.
3beers and 30mins later and still no salad dragon

It didnt last night. I am in work now so cant check if anything has changed.

Anariel and wolf knight were not there either last night.

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Np, thanks for the reply good sir. :slight_smile:

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I can confirm that none of those three are on the XBone even now.

Are they still not showing in the troop list? Nearly home and want more moRE MORE troops

I’ve found the issue with the troops not displaying… those 3 had the wrong release date set.
@alpheon will be in the office in about 5-6 hours, and he’ll fix that and deploy for everyone
Sorry for the hassle!

Strange i got them all last night but now i got server problem and can’t play pvp

You got anariel last night?

I haven’t been able to play pvp for 7 hours now, Sirrian. Whenever I click on pvp I get a server error message and need to close the game down.

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Youre probably still wasted and playing the washing machine?


I wish, ha ha.

Yes i got these 3 troops you can also get arielle and thorn knight in glory bundle

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You got salad dragon Ricky?

Yup got him from event chests


Lava elemental is an ultra rare! I presume he will be coming with 2 arcanes next week :beers:

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