My Fair Lady

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It’s good to have friends in high places

New Troop: Lady Anariel

Anariel, the Lady of Thorns, is one of the more powerful Queens of the Elves.
The Elves of the Forest of Thorns are loosely organized into many small clans, or “castes”, each one boasting a leader who names themselves as King or Queen.
One of oldest castes, from which the forest takes its name, is the Thorncaste, over which Lady Anariel’s family has ruled for more than a millenium.

Lady Anariel will be available both as a Glory reward and in Event Chests this week, and will be added to Gem, Glory, and VIP Chests in early September.

New Troop: Thorn Knight

The Thorncaste’s most elite warriors, protectors of Lady Anariel, are known as the Thorn Knights.
They wrap themselves in cloaks covered with wicked thorns, and can move unhindered through even the most dense tangles, including the massive wall of thorns that defends Lady Anariel’s tree palace.

The Thorn Knight will be available both as a Glory reward and in Event Chests this week, and will be added to Gem, and Glory Chests (and Arena) in early September.

New Legendary Troop: Sylvanimora

As one of the oldest clans of the Forest of Thorns, the Thorncaste have many powerful allies, including the ancient Forest Dragon, Sylvanimora.
Sylvanimora and Lady Anariel have a friendship stretching back over many centuries; she has even ridden Sylvanimora into battle on occasion!

Sylvanimora will be available only in Event Chests this week, and will be added to Gem, Glory, and VIP chests in early September.

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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Wow, three at a time!

Lady Anariel is sort of a mini-Venoxia, no? 12 mana to make 8 blue / 8 green, vs 15 mana to make 9 / 9.

5* for Forest of Thorns coming up. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Bye skull spam teams that don’t lead impervious. (Maw) :stuck_out_tongue:

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Handy you did a Manticore lead video, huh ?


Well, Mercy cleanses. I think Maw teams will walk away with only minor bruises (on offense; defense is another matter entirely).


Except the dragon is specifically excluded from glory packs. I’m glad I only spent most my resources trying to get Death last week and not all of them, because I had a feeling that something like this would happen. Though even having saved enough for 200+ event chests, I still have the tiniest chance of not getting Sylvanimora during the event, which would mean dealing with the around 1/6000 odds of pulling it from a random glory chest a month from now. Good luck everyone.

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nice! looking forward to the new cards. event chest has a little more meaning now too.

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Yeah great way to make event chests a little more useful. I don’t think all should be released this way though for future reference. :grin:

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Hmm is this going to become a thing now, not having Legendaries as Glory Rewards? Dunno how I feel about that :confused:

EDIT: will the Orbweaver class be unlocked this week also?


I hope an official statement is made regarding whether this no legendary in glory packs for a month is a new policy or not.

I hope not.
Yet another nail in the coffin for my enjoyment :stuck_out_tongue:
I hate the fact that you pretty much can only get the super rare mythic you want right when it’s released… And now we also have to worry about legendaries? Bad call in my opinion


Brilliant. This means I can trait Psion & Venoxia. Maybe Abhorath. Want to get the most out of the glory—>stone exchange rate for epics.

Not good is how I feel about it. Basically takes hunting for future base mythics off the table for me entirely. Any kingdom with a second legendary is going to be about 1/100 on Event Chests. On average. Could get it in less, but also very likely to have to spend more. With the chances of getting specific legendaries going down every month in normal chests, its pretty much get it now or get it never for all but a few of the top guilds. Taking a hit or barely treading water on my weekly gems gains leaves only glory chests to try and get mythics, and that went… poorly for me, to say the least. (6200+ glory chests, 100 VIP, and 178 gem chests without getting one Death)

I progressed this far mainly so I could be beyond the “gambling” aspect of the game, but I always predicted it would make a hard return because their payment model is so heavily based on it. Heres hoping in the future there is some kind of subscription based payment that multiplied all your gains while active (especially keys), which is something I would gladly pay for, as it would supplement however much I decided to play. Paying for just a few more spins at the wheel, so to speak, is not something I want to do.




Check the Facebook comments on this event post. They already are. xD


I couldn’t agree with you more

As it was explained here by Sirrian it will be on chests in nearly the next two weeks.

No clue if we are going on this model from now on, maybe it will be something that happens once in a while.

Based on the files, it should occur again 2 events from now with Grosh-Nak and 5 events from now with Adana. That isn’t even counting the new mythic troop that will likely drop somewhere within that time.

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I guess they are just filling each kingdom with two base legendaries while alternating one mythic for each kingdom.