Forgotten Experiments

Both new troops look very promising (and cool!); I can’t wait to try them out! :slight_smile:

Actually… @Sirrian


The sweat just pours from your body,
combat is nigh
we march to die[/quote]

Please? Please! Pretty pretty please?!!! :hugging: :pray: :nerd: :heart_eyes: :fork_and_knife:

@T&A discussion:
Actually, I think the Corrupt Sorceress’ art is okay in that regard. Sure, she’s got quite the cleavage, plus a sheer top underneath, and no bra from the looks of it… It’s definitely sexy, risqué, whathaveyou, no denying that… BUT, at least it fits her obvious Evil Queen vibe, and her pose and the look in her eyes tell us she’s definitely in control and even in charge. This is pretty far removed from art like Green Seer’s, Atlanta’s or The Devoted’s cards in my opinion. She’s not a helpless pinup bent out of (physically credible) shape to better serve as eye candy; she’s an empowered and clearly very dangerous woman, who happens to have a kinky side. Approach her and suffer the consequences!