Forgotten Experiments

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All the things one has forgotten scream for help in Dreams
-Elias Canetti

New Troop: Corrupt Sorceress

Remember the Anointed? Ever wonder WHO creates them?
Meet the Corrupt Sorceresses of Darkstone. More single-minded than a Dwarf, more power-hungry than a High Elf, and more ruthless than a Kardashian, they are employed by the Lords of Darkstone to perform the Anointing process, turning Thralls into fierce warriors. So highly-valued is their secret ritual, that they live out their lives in decadent luxury, their every whim catered to.

New Troop: Remnant

But what exactly happens when the Anointing process goes wrong? It produces these creatures… remnants.
Mindless Zombies, these creatures are a reminder of one simple fact: That which is breathing is not necessarily alive.

Balance: Draakulis Buffed

Poor Draakulis… he didn’t feel quite mythic enough when he arrived. (Maybe it was summoning sickness)
Regardless, we’ve helped him out with 3 little buffs:

  1. He gets 2 more base points of Magic, adding to his spell damage
  2. His Legendary trait now gives him 8 Health not 5 Health
  3. His casting cost dropped from 24 to 22
    Enjoy! And may your blood be fresh and tasty!

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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@Sirrian This is when the August troops go in chests, right?

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On this events menu:

#TYPE - Color(Total) - Where to farm

RAGE - Red(25) - Pridelands
Creeper 1
Imp Of Love(L) 18
Musketeer 1
Orc 1
Pride Hunter 1
Remnant 1
Scale Guard 1
Spider Swarm 1

SKULL - Purple/Brown(116) - Darkstone
Ancient Horror 3
Bone Dragon(L) 16
Bunni’Nog(L) 16
Corrupt Sorceress 3
Dokkalfar 12
Drake Rider 3
Ferit 12
Goblin Shaman 2
Grave Knight 3
Herald of Chaos 12
Keeper of Souls(L) 16
Kerberos(L) 16
Vampire Lord 2
Watcher 3


Me: Do we finally have a female troop who’s FULLY CLOTHED? Yes! Let me take a closer look–

enlarges image


Me: Ok, nevermind.


This is the most un-clothed female yet. The only thing more unclothed than her is the naked glitch that still occurs sometimes in Arena when hero casts.

Rowanne definitely wears less clothing than her…

Eh yeah she’s def. more clothed than a lot of the other female troops. Her breasties are not as exposed.

I am still waiting for a female troop looking like Popeye’s wife, Olive Oyl. :slight_smile:


What would her spell be, Eika? :smile_cat:

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Provide Spinach. Create 8 green gems and add some amount to selected troop’s attack and life.


Almost there now, if we could add ‘Charm’ in her skill as well. :wink: lol


Keeping with the theme lately, she should summon Popeye as well.


And… Someone went there…

So, how does the blue look as a possible replacement for hellcat?

In terms of a mana filler; Not very favorably imo. Hellcat is a transformer, Corrupt Sorceress is a creator.

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She’s like an Acolyte mixed with the Daemoninomicon.
Possibly helpful board generation mixed with a possibly good troop summoning.

Throw her in with the coin-flip troops. (Cathy says “Hi!”)

Finally, some real fodder for Sacrificial Priest. Gar’Nok/Orcs just didn’t cut it.

Anointed One
Sacrificial Priest
Corrupt Sorceress

Ah, darn. Missed that somehow. Oh well

Looks like the changes to Draak already went thru. There’s also a new Kingdom in the Kingdoms pull-down list called “Eternals”! Am I to guess that some upcoming Mythics will fill out this slot, sort of an anti-apocalypse?