Forgotten Experiments

Good find!

Fixed Dracula’s spell graphic too

New troops:



aaaaand nvm, already fixed, thank you

We usually get a kingdom with every update so maybeasy that’s the one we will get? :slight_smile:

2 questions:

  1. Draakulis is already in glory cehsts?
  2. What about “eternals” section on troop menu? can you say something about??

Interesting concept for the new troops but they will inevitably be unused.

Great to see the quick changes to Draak. I wonder how that type of thing could be managed on console when we catch up

"We got a Reinforced + Regeneration troop, wooo - "
“It’s a Common.”
“What? Oh nevermind…”

At least Draak got his buffs. Looks useful now.

I can confirm that the previous commons are already in the chests, just opened 50 gold keys and got:

Edit: Other cards are in chests as well: Fire Lizzard, Lava Elemental, Thorn Knight… So i believe everything but these two new troops of this week are in chests.


Thank you!

Both new troops look very promising (and cool!); I can’t wait to try them out! :slight_smile:

Actually… @Sirrian


The sweat just pours from your body,
combat is nigh
we march to die[/quote]

Please? Please! Pretty pretty please?!!! :hugging: :pray: :nerd: :heart_eyes: :fork_and_knife:

@T&A discussion:
Actually, I think the Corrupt Sorceress’ art is okay in that regard. Sure, she’s got quite the cleavage, plus a sheer top underneath, and no bra from the looks of it… It’s definitely sexy, risqué, whathaveyou, no denying that… BUT, at least it fits her obvious Evil Queen vibe, and her pose and the look in her eyes tell us she’s definitely in control and even in charge. This is pretty far removed from art like Green Seer’s, Atlanta’s or The Devoted’s cards in my opinion. She’s not a helpless pinup bent out of (physically credible) shape to better serve as eye candy; she’s an empowered and clearly very dangerous woman, who happens to have a kinky side. Approach her and suffer the consequences!


In fantasy art, lingerie is considered armor and normal dress.

Have you ever stopped to think about how strange it is that in fantasy Princesses are usually good and Queens are usually evil? Or, to be more precise, that naive, teenaged, powerless and sexually inexperienced princesses are good while intelligent, mature queens who are in control of themselves and their sexuality are evil?

Because once you do, “Oh, of course the evil queen is sexy,” is not really an innocuous statement. It’s a big part of the problem.

And, yes, kudos to the game for rising above the level of helpless pinup. That’s definitely a good thing. But I thought she had a shirt on when I looked at the downscaled image and I was thrilled. Right now the only female troop who is (1) fully clothed and (2) whose flavor of sexiness is not a defining aspect of her character is… Hag.


When it comes to male troops, of course, there’s a huge variety in terms of age and moral alignment.

absolutely fascinating use of the passive voice there.


Ghiralee, lamia, priestess, scarlett, valkyrie, tyri too


They could show the dudes with their meat and veg half hanging out… Nah? Ok

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How about some of that male backside with glory coming out of it Robert?

I am a big fan of summoners - and this looks like one of the very best. My first team thought is:

Anointed One
Sacrificial Priest
Corrupt Sorceress
Giant Spider

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Haha you want to see some more of it?

Summoners are only fun if they summon something that is useful or that can intently change your strategy mid match.

Well I think they’re cool new troops…

Draaakulis buff helps… Now what we really need is something to make use of all that life…

Like a Sac Priest scaling on life not attack… Or a spell:
Battering Ram
Choose an ally: deal damage equal to its Life to a random enemy.

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Will you be using them for Invades or Defence much?