My Fair Lady


And this is why I typically avoid free to play games lol
I really wish for a subscription… Could make it so if you have a sub all legendaries can be found in glory chests along with other benefits. More of an MMO payment style. Catchy stuff in the store to buy, which mythics leading the haul, and a sub that actually feels worthwhile but not mandatory. Promotes playing and paying and should leave people with better feelings about spending their money on something that isn’t just a roll of the imaginary dice

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Well I was expecting all three to be in Glory Packs and was a bit surprised to discover that the Legendary cannot be purchased with Glory. I’m just wondering if this is a new shift in direction. BTW, does anyone know what the last Legendary that appeared in Glory Pack? It’s been a while. Would love to see the return of Weapon Glory Packs too…

Spring Imp on 4/18/16. That is nearly 4 months ago.

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I don’t believe it will be released this week.


New troops (in ascending order of rarity):


To be honest, the Legendary bundles were always super efficient to get by comparison. One only needed to buy six of them to get the troop to Mythic and they only cost slightly more than the Epic bundles. I’m just glad they’re still in the Event Keys (and I’ve been thinking for a while now that those could use another boost in viability).

Furthermore, Legendaries sort of still should be something we need to hunt down, rather than just bulk-buy.

More importantly: this eases off what would have been insane pressure to divide our Glory spending between three different troops.

Unrelated… that legendary trait looks like it could use a tweak. 4-5 match entangles first enemy… next 4-5 match does nothing? I mean, obviously one wants to entangle the first enemy way more than the rest of them, but it seems incredibly lackluster beyond the first. Might be nice to have it entangle a random enemy if the first is already entangled (if not just the standard ‘apply status to random enemy’).

Although, to be fair, the troop’s ability is team-wide damage, so the first enemy might not go down particularly quickly.


I prefer it that way. It counters cleanse harder so that people can’t use something like Maw and other non-entangle immune troops as effectively.

Entangle’s effect also does nothing unless the troop is in 1st slot. Only like 1-2 troops/weapons boost based on a troop being entangled.


You think?



That’s a fair point actually. Indirect Mercy nerf, OK. Good with it.

I was thinking along the lines of the first troop being killed off and then the next troop isn’t entangled …

It also isn’t particularly useful on offense if you are primarily looping, as Entangle only affects your opponent when they can get a turn in. Then again, this is also true of Poison, Burning, Frozen…

I guess only Moloch and Plague have loop-friendly 4-5 match effects. (And Khorvash vs. Granite Skin, etc.)


I’m glad they didn’t have three troops available for glory. It’s already a huge juggling act to get the stones you need while trying to save enough glory for the next week. I just hope they don’t make a habit out of three troops a week. It will just add extra stress when trying to decide between saving keys/gems for future Mythics and obtaining new legendary troops.


It also resets the application counter, reducing the chance for it to randomly wear off.

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In retrospect I get what you’re saying. Legendaries should be just that. It’s an adjustment though, once you’re used to having them in Glory Packs it feels like a bit of a letdown. That said, I can spend more Glory on the Knight troop that provides Arcane Venom since the upcoming Hero class will use them if I recall.

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Was pretty excited when I saw a legendary troop available this week. That lasted about 2 seconds tho when I saw Event chest only.
Really?? After all the crap lately? Oops, sorry meant commons.

Event chest does need to be spiced up a bit for me to keep dropping gems on it. Ultra Rare and Epic troops from other kingdoms should be removed. There is no excuse


IMO it’s pretty clear they are trying to deplete people’s remaining resources (hoarders/hardcores) before the new guild update drops.


Too bad the “little guys” get caught in the crosshairs too.

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I would love to see an end to this. It irritates me to no end to get non-kingdom troops from event chests. It’s hard enough to get a legendary troop to drop during an event without adding non-kingdom troops to the mix.


Yes this is exactly becoming my worry as well. I think people have become “too” good at this game. You can start out a brand new player and get recruited into the top guilds as long as you can put in 300 trophies/ 300k gold a week. In return you will never need to spend a dime on armor, keys, etc. So they will be targeting the most hardcores for that reason. Everyone else (myself included) are already struggling to get by.

IMO again the only way to come out on top of this is if you don’t spend as much or ANY of your remaining resources til this passes.


Whereas everyone else is expected to fork over hundreds of dollars to get the same things they get for free.

This has only gotten bad with the introduction of mythics and now this change.

I’m all for a subscription, but no way am I spending hundreds of dollars to get a legendary or mythic. I’ll just pout and go without :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah people can make the argument “if you put in the time you deserve the rewards,” but I think we’re past that now. Some people are getting ridiculous amounts of rewards, whilst the people on the bottom are playing the game “normally.”
If you can call it that. Btw I’m fine with that, but looking in the developers perspective, they most likely aren’t. There has to be an exchange of money here. To sum it up I believe the game has become “too free to play.”

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