CONSOLE: Love Is In The Air

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Shine a little love this week…

Legendary Glory Bundle: Imp Of Love

Welcome the Imp of Love. He’s here to spread a little romance throughout the tattered and troubled lands of Krystara.
He’s even inspired a new bit of poetry, from everyone’s (except Dark Song’s) favorite Orcish Poet, Gar’Nok:

I love you like I love red meat.
You’re tough, and warm and good to eat.
I love you like I love my axe.
You’re weighted quite well, and when I hold you, I want to kill, and MAIM, and KNOCK THINGS DOWN! RAAWWWWRRRR!!!

It’s no surprise Gar’Nok gets all the girl Orcs.

Glory Bundle: Dragonette

We know some of you already have the Imp of Love, but never had a chance to get him in Glory bundles like PC/Mobile players did, so we’ve made him available this week leading up to his favorite day of the year, Valentine’s Day!

HOWEVER, for the Traitstone enthusiasts out there, we ALSO wanted to give you something more useful than the Arcane Rage (red/red) Traitstones that comes with the Imp. Thus, we’ve included the Dragonette this week so you can pick up some Arcane Venom (green/purple) Traitstones for your new Krakens!

Please note this Event only applies to PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

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Happy Days

To everyone who won’t get any love this Valentine’s: At least you will get Imp of Love! :wink: :smiley:


350 glory legendary? I will mythic imp and then bank glory since Dragonette is already mythic

Should be 500 glory? 3000 glory to mythic it…

Yeah or 400 im not sure since we still on the catch up mode (discount)

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Ah, no clue then, if you are having a discount on console… :slight_smile:

Slightly disappointed that there are no new troops, but appreciate the arcane venoms. Was not expecting that…


What are the glory prices for the Imp of Love and the Dragonette?

Because I am stuck with the “all keys are disabled on the store page” problem, I cannot view the packs, and therefore I have no clue of their costs. This is important for when I send a ticket later in the week to exchange part of my glory for the packs.

Furthermore, what is the “kingdom of the week”? This is important to know when I am going to use event keys.

Yep @Sirrian, also wondering how event chests are going to work this week? Is just a bit confusing since Imps don’t have a ‘real’ kingdom.

Imp should be 450 glory
Dragonette should be 250 glory

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Somehow yesterday I got the Imp of Love… I wasn’t even paying attention but at the end of the night when I was going over my troops…there he was :slight_smile:

I’ll skip this week’s event so I can save some glory for future troops.

Was expecting a troop from a kingdom we haven’t got yet and I’m surprised by this.


Looks like they want more people to have kracken traited.
Was hoping for swamp.


It’s suddenly just clicked! I’d feel comfortable in saying that they want to give us venom stones for Wulfgarok, too.


Shhhh! I was supposed to be the only one that was thinking of that!

Of course, I’ll buy / farm all the stones I need and then I won’t get him…

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Lol already got 158 mythic dragonette, oh well

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Honestly , what the *&&^. this is starting to annoy Me. I wish the DAMN update was already here. those of us who can’t access the store HAVE to blindly collect Glory and ask support to exchange the glory for the cards…and then who the hell knows how long it will take for a reply 24 to 72 hours if we’re lucky. and that’s not the time frame for NOT annoying the devs about it…almost makes me want to say Screw it and not play until the update gets here. we were told in some posts"about a week away"…“about 2 weeks away”…“MAYBE by the end of the month” I get it…crap happens…I get it that there’s server errors…but this is the 3RD week in a row that the store has been FK’D up and it’s gotten Very old

I KNOW this isn’t “Mature” I know this isn’t Nice…I know this isn’t Professional…Logically I KNOW
But it remains, I am so FAR beyond annoyed about this. I have spent near 400$ rt money on this game and I’d like a reliable service…and I know what I have spent is far below many players, I get that.But I have Never gotten this annoyed about the service like this…customer service is great half the time,Don’t get Me wrong…but waiting on this update that still may be MONTHS away is FK’N BS
this is my first and most likely LAST rant…because I have had No other complaints about this game before…but this is BEYOND Insulting to me and likely for others that have to go about a very Aggravating and BS way to get our purchases

So, I know that the people who play a LOT…the people that think this is an unjustified rant will say a LOT of negative things to Me or about this post

Bring on the Flamers…Bring on the Trolls and Bring on the People that don’t have an issue over this or that don’t have the store issues…I don’t care and likely won’t read negative comments about this post…which 99% of you will see negatively anyway…I am just Insanely Aggravated and annoyed that we have to wait for that update to play this game NORMALLY…I want to stock up on imps and stones…I really do…but I am NOT gonna communicate days or WEEKS…just to get my glory exchanged for the cards/ stones I need to be getting

@Sirrian , @Nimhain and any other dev that may be reading this


Hate to burst your bubble but are you even sure your store issues will be fixed next update?? I was told 3 updates ago as hat my store issues would be fixed.

I’m sure as shit mine won’t be fixed. My store has been broken for 7MONTHS now.