CONSOLE: Love Is In The Air

I was speaking of what I was told, not an actuality I wouldn’t be surprised it if don’t happen for months

I think i saw @Alpheon say it will be fixed on next update

Bloody better be mate or I’m gonna be looking for you my friend for spreading rumours. :wink:


No new troops :frowning:

Nope you can go back to bed :slight_smile:

We’ll be back to new troops next week though, don’t worry!

Also to answer a question from further up the page… the event kingdom for event keys will be Dragon’s Claw.

Wonder when you guys going to make apocalypse event , it would be awesome event chest with only mythic cards :slight_smile:


Having an Apocalypse event would be cool, no doubt, but I’d settle for having our promised exclusive weeks for the Horsemen first. This is from the “CONSOLE: An Update on the Update!” thread:

@Sirrian, when will we be having these exclusive weeks on the Horsemen? I withheld spending my keys when the 2.0 update first launched in reliance on this statement, and I’m beginning to think this has been forgotten about. Please restore my faith! :slight_smile:

I cant even open my chests without my game crashing. Wtf.

I wish Imp of Love is in weekly glory bundle too on PC/mobile. :pensive:

actually id suggest to stock on it for the red guild statue traits in future :wink:

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Too bad I can’t get this awesome card since the store is frozen. Not cool. Every week this happens to me I slowly get less excited to play.

Good idea, them guild guardians take buttload of runics & arcanes to trait.

Others that are having that problem are using the support ticket system to get their glory bundles. Submit a ticket to the support desk telling them that the store isn’t working for you and let them know how many of each bundle you would like to buy for glory. They will deduct the glory from your account and send your goodies in the mail.

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