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CONSOLE: Double Rainbow

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/console-double-rainbow/
The rainbow snake is here…

New Troop: Couatl

High up in the Dragon’s Claw mountains live many creatures, from the largest Dragons, to their earthbound servants, the Dragonians, to the tiny-but-deadly Dragonmoths.
One very curious creature found there is the Couatl, a winged snake with brightly-colored feathers. It’s quite reclusive in nature, and even though the Dragon’s Claw was discovered 2 weeks ago, it’s only coming out of hiding now.

New Troop: Dragonian Rogue

Not all Dragonians are as noble and dedicated as Viskandarius-y-Amon! In fact, a Dragonian’s role in society depends upon its color; Visk is bronze, and thus he is a warrior & guardian. As for the black Dragonians though, they’re not a very savory bunch…

We’ll be resuming extra troops in chests/glory bundles after the Holiday Season to help catch up the PC/Mobile versions of the game.

Please note this Event only applies to Xbox One & PS4 versions of the game.

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I’m going to enjoy using these troops!

RAINBOW SNAKE! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Keep getting not in guild error :frowning:

Needs more emphasis, like so.

#RAINBOW SNAKE! :smiley:


Any hint on when we’ll be seeing the pirate kingdom? I’m dying saving my gems over here for the kraken and it would be great to have an idea of when we can expect it to drop… thanks!

@Sirrian @Alpheon

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They said after holiday