Double Rainbow

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The rainbow snake is here…

New Troop: Couatl

High up in the Dragon’s Claw mountains live many creatures, from the largest Dragons, to their earthbound servants, the Dragonians, to the tiny-but-deadly Dragonmoths.
One very curious creature found there is the Couatl, a winged snake with brightly-colored feathers. It’s quite reclusive in nature, and even though the Dragon’s Claw was discovered 2 weeks ago, it’s only coming out of hiding now.

New Troop: Dragonian Rogue

Not all Dragonians are as noble and dedicated as Viskandarius-y-Amon! In fact, a Dragonian’s role in society depends upon its color; Visk is bronze, and thus he is a warrior & guardian. As for the black Dragonians though, they’re not a very savory bunch…

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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Interesting. 12 random mana color :smiley:
Also is it first troop with Rogue bound trait? and destroy gem in X shape :smiley:

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Thanks @Sirrian - the song is now in my head. Sharing with everyone else:


Really like Couatl. Seems like a troop with a lot of potential.

Would be sweet if I could cast Dragonian Rogue and Elwyn at the same time. Throw in Hero with Warden’s Gauntlets, and only a red troop is missing.

I saw what you did there, Queztl.

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I don’t think I will like that first troop

creating gems already can completely backfire on you (especially since they can just overwrite gems of the color they are creating - which I find ridiculous. That simple change would make a world of difference), but it’s also a completely random color, too? Too much randomness.

The second troop seems interesting! I’ll be trying that one out


Oh wow Double Rainbow…:pray::hugging:

RAINBOW SNAKE :stuck_out_tongue:


Both of these arcanes are used on a bunch of good troops too. I see a lot of glory being spent next week.


New troops:


Would love to see something like “Destroy X random gems; spawn (insert color) gems/skulls in their place.”

Even if you don’t get a match, and completely set the enemy up, you at least get a few mana/damage.

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That rouge is interesting to say the least, but nothing can be better than the werewolf coming soon :tm:

Yes I’m trying to work out if more gems get destroyed if you start the X in the centre than if you chose closer to an edge.

Center will destroy more gems, because of the longer diagonals.

An edge gem will destroy 8 gems, regardless of which edge gem it is. A gem from the center 4 will destroy 14 gems.


That was my thought process too. :+1:

If you pick a gem on the edge of the board you lose 50% gem destruction.

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You don’t choose where the X goes, it takes takes from each corner to the middle

When I’ve fought Dragonian Rogue in the quests, the X was off center on both diagonals.

Will probably try this new Rouge with Giant Spider or Slime. :slight_smile:

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That’s correct. The spell has no target.

I think it’d be more fun if it did, but the trade-off is that it’d destroy less gems.