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Heroes in a half-shell, Turtle Power!

New Troop: Dragon Turtle

Only found in the deepest waters, and rarely at that, Dragon Turtles seem to be mostly turtle, with a little bit of Dragon somewhere back in the family tree.
They are mostly peaceful creatures, but have enough Dragon in their bloodline to occasionally eat a ship or two.

Sages have long pondered the exact relationship between Dragons and Turtles and reason for this creature’s existence… The only real viable explanation is that somewhere back many centuries ago, a very bored Dragon saw a rather sizeable turtle and became unusually curious about… stuff. Regardless, it’s possible that these creatures live for so long that they may all be offspring of that original and (hopefully) singular encounter.

New Troop: Hammerhead

Hammerheads are one particular species of Merfolk who seem to always turn out bad.
We’re not sure if it’s because of the bullying they receive, due to their oddly-shaped heads, or if they’re just inherently bad, and their heads have evolved so it’s difficult to look them in the eyes and tell if they’re lying.

Either way… Never trust a Hammerhead.

Please note this Event is exclusive to the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game.

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I got first again.

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Oh im suprise we skipped the giant

This makes me think giant will be added as a bonus troop on a future event to get us completed for synchronization

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Wow ure almost caught up with us bruddas.

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Might want to edit that blah blah ios android and pc versions of the game at the end, Sirrian even though the topic is labelled for console anyway xD

No idea what you’re talking about
*shifty eyes*

Just fixed that too. Try Ctrl+F5 refresh if you still can’t see them

Nevermind oz you rock

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Fire Giant was amazing with the 20% buff and the right team. Saddened that it looks like y’all won’t get to experience it.

I think I’d be a very happy man if Fire Giant gets postponed until a new Legendary gets tossed into the event chest for Stormheim.

I tried making a giant team around the hero yesterday. I couldn’t. Even Jarl is pretty much useless now as he misses more often than previously.

Here is the event video for the event. :smiley: