CONSOLE: Dead Men Tell No Tales


I haven’t heard anything about when the console version will be released, only that it’s still with Microsoft and Sony so I don’t have an ETA.

Just to be clear, I read RickGervais’ question as “will we get guild wars the week after we get the update?”


Yup this is what i meant sorry for the confusion :slight_smile:


Looking forward to the update, and deathknight class. It always seems like when there’s a deathmark troop or similar coming I’m really looking forward to, everyone starts whining about it and starts asking for nerfs. Famine and spirit fox are the real PITA imo.


Ok thanks.


And hey, they’re changing deathmark because a few folks aren’t happy. I’m starting to get annoyed with this game.


yeah i found it really weird the first guild war not done yet and already they will change it. That suck pc always get the best toys and we get the rebuild crap. Now Death will be useless of course


The only way I see Death still being useful is if they change his damage to true damage.


Or have deathmark from death a red coloured version with a 15% chance of killing the enemy?


I know you were really looking forward to grieving everyone as much as possible with the DeathKnight class from your other post above.

The PC/Mobile environment sometimes gets unbalanced Traits, Troops, Abilities. And on console we tend to get post patch balanced stuff.

This time though you may be in luck to troll and grief everyone for a short while. The GW and 3 New classes update was submitted to MS/Sony a week ago, before they decided to adjust DM from 0 to 1. Depending on how the change is applied on console you might have a few weeks of gameplay with the “best toys”… DeathKnight with turn 0 DM.


U sure 'bout that?


You could always switch to “that suck pc” jus’ sayin’


@Strat i was more thinking about Death when i said this sentence. I remember when it was 2 turn delay and this was horrible cause most of the time the other troop was able to cleanse themself before the deathmark could trigger, and i am afftaid that 1 turn delay will also suck


Yeah, 2 turns was too slow.

I’m happy with the change to 1, I think it should have been moved there in the first place. But I really won’t know for sure until using DM for a bit with 1 Turn. So til then, more waiting until the update…



Keep in mind, before they sped up death mark and it had a timer, reapplying death mark reset the timer. That’s why it almost never seemed to work on consoles previously. I think lol.