CONSOLE: Dead Men Tell No Tales


The devs never were clear on what the exact issue was with cross platform. Apple, google, steam all oddly play nice together.


That’s not entirely accurate, one of the console Devs was talking out of turn once. They never said directly but of course the issue is $ (protected by a legal agreement at that time).


The reason we are unable to cross platform with console versions is that Microsoft and Sony don’t want players to be able to purchase resources on another platform and then use it on theirs.


@Raphius, just to address one of your arguments about console players only being able to play at home, yes this is true. However, this doesn’t always impact the amount of time that is spent in game. A lot of Mobile players can ONLY play on the go, and may not be able to spend long sessions playing at home like a console player might. It all comes down to how you like the play the game and what way is most accessible to you.

As Nimhain has said, we can’t transfer accounts or link them between PC/Mobile and console due to legal issues. We wish we could, ideally accounts would be playable across all the offered platforms, but it’s just not possible at this point in time.

@Dan_ozzzy189, we did remove the keys in order to bring the console version of the game more in sync with PC/Mobile. We are moving towards the content being synced soon, so we removed the Event keys in anticipation of this. I’m sorry to hear that this is frustrating, but it was a change we were going to have to make sooner or later.


Yeah I know a lot of players who are pissed off about the event key change on PSN who won’t join up here.
For me though it wasn’t the change that really got under my skin but the sneaky silent nerf. That shit was just plain wrong. I felt like I was playing a EA game or cg game with that kind of bullshit.

I wonder how many players like me who didn’t realise until the next day when they saw it mentioned on here. I spent all my keys on the new kingdom and then purchased glory troops to Replace my spent event keys only to find out the next day on here that I didn’t replace shit and had gold keys.


It may seem unbalanced, but it would be a random traitstone, while in explore u can hunt for specific stones.
I think TH is kinda boring and the rewards are pretty lame at this moment and just not worth the time.

And please no 50/50 chance at 100 turns!!


Yesterday I opened 50 glory keys… Then I opened 50 gem. Vip chests can get screwed, they suck.


Three mythics in 100 chests, so I finally have death, 4 abynissia and 2 gard’s.
The event keys thing still boils my pee though. That was probably the worst decision the devs have made imo.


You sure did get lucky. Yeah VIP chest has not liked me since Gards release @Dan_ozzzy189

30k gems for that 1 troop :unamused:


I’ve had two mythic in vip, war and aby I think. Got 3 war and 4 aby. I’d like aby to retire from the drop pool now because 4 is pretty much useless, and you can guarantee I’ll probably get another one!


This is a kick in the arcanes to every player, especially ones in guilds that may not complete many tasks etc who only got some event keys when they bought glory troops.
I really would urge the devs to reconsider this decision. Please?


@Nimhain and @Sirrian, are we expecting a new mythic troop (Pharos Ra or Ketras the Bull) tomorrow or next week?


MS/Sony need to approve 3.0 patch first, hopefully next week.


As UKresistance said, we waiting on the Guild War update to hit consoles first before we can release a new mythic on consoles.


Are we going to start the guild war the next week we get the approval?


I believe so but I can’t be 100% sure


Ok ty for the quick answer,
I see lot of complains about darknight class, is it in the update?


It is, along with the Titan and Oracle classes


Alright ty again for the reply, i guess i know what to upgrade first lol


I read this 4x

@Nimhain does this mean approval/deployment is expected this week, or approval expected next week? (and of course Guild Wars would be the following week after deployment).