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Blackhawk Down

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/blackhawk-down/
Get ready to walk the plank!

New Troop: Bonnie Rose

A tale by Lil’ Johnny Bronze…

Many years ago, Bonnie Rose were the first mate on me ship, and a finer first mate I’ve ne’er had!
Once, we were in a storm, the likes as would tear the tentacles off a Kraken.
Fearless as a rabid Raksha, she scales the mast to get a look at the weather.
Nary a minute later, a rogue wave hits the side o’ the ship, and knocks her clean off the mast.
She crashes down through the main deck, through the mess hall, and into me quarters.
I be thinkin’ she’s dead, but she just stands up and dusts herself off.
I says, “Bonnie, me girl, are ye hurt?”
And she looks me straight in the eye an’ says “Nay, Cap’n, I’ve been through hardships before!”

New Troop: Mimic

Another tale by Lil’ Johnny Bronze…

The Barkeeper asked us why we were a-carryin’ weapons into the bar.
I says “Mimics”
The barkeeper laughed.
Me crew laughed.
The table laughed.
We killed the table.
'Twas good times, aye!

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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Mimic from Dark Souls 3. (It really got me the first time!)

Very happy to see that we finally got a Mimic. :slight_smile:

ARCANE BLOOD - Blue/Red(154) - Mist of Scales(Explore)
Alastair 12
Anointed One 12
Berserker 3
Bonnie Rose 12
Crimson Bat(L) 16
Deck Hand 2
Deep Borer 2
Fel’Dras 12
Hydra(L) 16
Lamia 3
Raven 12
Rex Warrior 2
Tal’Rae 12
Valor 12
Visk 12
Wight 2
Wild Fang 12

ARCANE SKULL - Purple/Brown(131) - Darkstone(Explore)
Ancient Horror 3
Bone Dragon(L) 16
Bunni’Nog(L) 16
Corrupt Sorceress 3
Dokkalfar 12
Drake Rider 3
Ferit 12
Goblin Shaman 2
Grave Knight 3
Herald of Chaos 12
Keeper of Souls(L) 16
Kerberos(L) 16
Mimic 3
Vampire Lord 2
Watcher 3
Werewolf 12

Draakulis - BLOOD & SWAMP 21/21
War - BLOOD & LAVA 21/21

There is no mythics that is using arcane Skull yet.


These are hilarious. One of main reasons I love this game!

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Mythic troops.


Draakulis - BLOOD & SWAMP 21/21
War - BLOOD & LAVA 21/21

There is no mythic troops that is using arcane Skull yet.

Oh, I totally forgot…

Such a good movie, folks! :sweat_smile:

New troops:

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Omg really? Hardships? hardships? That was terrible.

These jokes got a table killed.

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Maybe we should just table this matter entirely.:wink:


Poor table! He didn’t have a leg to stand on!

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You could say he ended up legless.

If you’ve got a better joke, then chair it with the rest of us! We wood appreciate it. As long as it’s similar…after all, you don’t want to go against the grain, and end up getting barred from the discussion. That would really be shippy.


It was an elf table - he was really Legolas.

The mimic joke is a good one, i never grow tired of it.

What’s a pirate’s favorite juice?

I’d walk the plank for her lol


Well, you can’t build a table from that!