Blackhawk Down


I wood like to say i walked into that wall, and i am pretty sure it laughed at me.


hahaha :joy:


Did anyone notice there are new troops, or is this thread just about @sirrian’s awful jokes?

Those pirate ships must’ve brought in a whole load of barrels to scrape…


i am unaware of the new troops except the glory troops above, what else did they add?


Let me know if someone manages to get totally destroyed by mimic… or totally destroy with a mimic… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I had a mimic devour my keeper of souls during the questline…it went from 8 hp to 116 armor/life. Lucky for me, it was deathmarked and I didn’t have to deal with it after all!


Got Blackhawk to 4*, where it will stay for months on end. With no way to target common or rare cards, Ship Cannon, Pirate, and Deck Hand will remain unascended for a LONG time.


Question about the Kraken spell - “Deal X dmg to last 2 enemies. Create 9 blue. THEN 40% chance to Devour last enemy”.

So if the Kraken depth charge should happen to eliminate the 3rd and 4th place troops, will it be a 40% chance to devour the 2nd place troop? The way it’s worded I’m thinking it could be the case?


Those were the first few i got from gold keys.


I have them. They are at Rare level. But getting 191 copies of Ship Cannon and 91 copies of Pirate and Deck Hand to reach Mythic, to reach level 20, to get enough for 5*, without a way to target kingdom troops, is a LONG way off.


Nope. It will not devour anything in this case.

The word “Then” is supposed to differentiate it from other damage+devour troops, which either deal damage or devour the healthy target , while Kraken always deals damage, and only after that has a chance to devour the damaged last troop (assuming it’s still alive.)


Literally the best


isn’t blackhawk down, the title of a movie?




I am blinder than a bat in whitehelm.


Thank you thank you for the dark souls tribute! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been killed trying to open one of those danged things!


Not that long. I just got Sand Cobra to Mythic last week so I can get Leonis to Mythic (once I have enough Darks to trait Amira…sigh), so that’s 3.5 months. I would guess I’m an average end-gamer (at least 1,500 seals of activity per week but nowhere near the top of the PvP leaderboard).

It will be less since we now have new guild tasks from the start so more Gold Keys per week for most end-game players than when Leonis came out.

And there’s still a chance Blackhawk gets an event troop or two in the mean time as well.


Mimics long precede Dark Souls. They’ve been in D&D since its origins and are one of its most classic monsters. Sorry, I can’t abide this falsity!


@Studs It’s a shame that I haven’t grown up with D&D. My father used to pen-and-paper with close friends, but that was way before my birth.