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🎊🎊🎊 Gems are Fruitloops Looking for Active players!(27/30) RANK 77! All Tasks Complete! 40K SealS! Statues Level 100+! 🎊🎊🎊

Hello, we are looking for ** actives players** in our guild (Rank 77)

We are a friendly active bunch of players looking for their soulmates,

Weekly Requirements: 300k/1200S/100T

Guild wars : Do your best with no stress!

Also we have a Discord that you might wanna join!

usually We clear task pretty quick now, once full we will do LT as well

40K seals Weekly-ish since we need new peeps!

The thing i like is peeps sharing their experience of the game with the guild, that is pretty much it :slight_smile: Welcome aboard or Walk ZE PLANK!


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Lots of fun :smiley:

Looking for two more to round out the family :grin:

Still looking!

Still looking?

yess if you’re interested please leave us your invite code name :slight_smile:

Level110, Super active and have no problem meeting all the requirements.

Invite code: Seven7yTwo

i Can’t invite you if you still in a guild tho

We are looking for one more to round out our guild :slight_smile:

Hi @SooDeaD

I’m still playing very actively every day and reach all requirements without problems.

My invitecode is β€œDEMAIO”, I’m level 305.

I was in a small guild but only ~5-7 members are very active, which is quite frustrating from time to time…

Therefore just left the guild and now search for a new and active guild!

Thank you for inviting me.

Cheerio Demaio

Hi Demaio. I tried to send you an invite but it says you are in another guild.

@SooDeaD please invite me

Invite code - SLEEPY 9

are you still interested?

if you are still interested i have a spot

if you’Re still interested let me know

We are still looking for new peeps to get in :slight_smile:

Sure send me an invite SLEEPY_9

do you still have 2 slots open?

we are full right now, but might have some openings tomorrow

Welcome Sleepy, please take the time to read the motd. We also have a discord channel that is listed there.