Gems are Fruitloops #85 Recruiting active player

Gems Are Fruitloops is recruiting 1 player. Currently we are ranked 85 and climbing each and every week thanks to a great group of friendly and awesome players.

Requirements are: 100 trophies, 200k gold and 1000 seals, and daily Guild Wars fight. Minimum. Please try to COLLECT YOUR SEALS by Saturday to help guildies have a larger window of time to cash in.

Most members donate/earn much more than this, you are encouraged to as well. All task completed weekly. Seals are averaging between 30-35K weekly. We’ve been on 4-5 bracket ever since first Guild Wars.

Preference will be shown to those with more experience for the good of the guild as a whole.

Ideally we’d like someone who maintains a presence in chat rather than a “silent partner” so to speak, though that is not a deal breaker.

We are interested in knowing your level, what armor you are using and approximately how long you’ve been playing the game.

Bump Bump :slight_smile:

Good morning, Could i Join your guild please? Im lvl 600 and i fill your requirements. invitation code PARNACIUS thanks

Good morning ^_^. Nice to meet you. I’ll send invite.

It says you still in other guild @parnacius. You have to leave your current
guild before i can send you invite. :slight_smile:

Thanx you to accept me you seem very nice . Its done i left my guild

Okay. I’ll invite you again

Already sent ^_^. Come to guild chat once you accept. We also have discord. Happy GOW-ing.

@parnacius did you recieve invitation? Gems are Fruitloops. Its in your inbox

Update recruitment closed.