Community Creativity Thread (Art, Music, Sculpture, Memes, Etc.)


Another pet rescue was triggered last night

Smallpaca was sucessfully added to the collection!


SO GOOD @Neffy! Can we get the goat next?! 8D

So as many of you now I have been working on my digital art in my spare time. As such, I started to practice with backrounds and I ended up making myself a wallpaper for my phone! It even has my little silhouette in it. 8D

Vexx is also using it as his wallpaper. You guys are welcome to use it as well if you like it. :slight_smile:


Possibly!! hehe

Aww the brush work is so lovely!! you blended the colours really well :slight_smile:


You are too kind @Neffy.

Anyone else working on anything exciting at the moment?


This happened to me a while ago. It was so silly I wanted to draw it out. :rofl:



Can I post it to our social media and credit you?


@Saltypatra Thank you so much! And sure I don’t mind! :blush:


Browsing the new community guides for the underworld and saw the new banner


The Image is of Princess Elspeth. When casting her spell she says, “Eewww, go away.”


I made this I am not ashamed of myself.

Who are you??? (I’m Miss Klepto!)


Ooooft, looks like my phone borked this the first time I tried to post this. Let’s try again! (It looks great on social, why are you like this Discourse?)


Im the frost queen :smile:


An updated link to my card art


Do memes count? I made some fresh spicy memes today.


Which do you prefer, or is more you? :wink: