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Common troop discussion?

Are the new commons a little strong for being the lowest rarity possible? All but 3 troops have single digit mana costs and almost all commons do more than one thing for such low mana costs. Some like priestess have 3 effects! Some double dip when it comes to their magic score. Some can even be summoned. Is the new common’s worth their current rarity or are they too strong for their rarity?

I haven’t tested every common yet, but I can name a few favorites of mine:

  • Khopeshi: GET OVER HERE! Seriously, I can’t wait trying that troop out. Pulling around enemy team members to mess with their colors and eventually blocking some sounds very fun to me.

  • Priestess: I’m curious if Priestess/Paladin/Mercy is going to work. Priestess is totally fine in my opinion, Barrier can be easily destroyed with area damage or damaging status effects.

  • Fortress Gate: Don’t laugh. Now that Settite Warrior is around, the Fortress Gate can be really dangerous if paired with him and another brown creator (Deep Borer or Acolyte).

  • Pride Hunter: Really annoying in the arena, but even in PVP this guy can lock the first troop for a long time. Pride Hunter + Hellcat can lock first troops for a long time. Useful against Maw, Gorgotha and Knight Coronet.

  • Reaver: He’s part of my Dark Elf team. An incredibly powerful damage dealer for a common and with Web he can deal over 25 damage.

EDIT: Lol, I forgot to answer your question. Only Ghoul, Reaver and Goblin look to powerful for a common to me. Reaver however requires a Web team to reach high damage numbers. Goblin’s problem is his Nature Link, that allows him to fill in a single non-mana surge match. Ghoul is pretty strong with a supporter, but he can only target the first.


Sounds good in theory, doesn’t work well in practice. The main issue is that her primary purpose would be to buff Paladin but they use the same mana color.

If you put her behind Paladin, he soaks up all the yellows and she doesn’t get charged enough to be useful. If you put her in front of Paladin, then Paladin gets starved. You’re completely dependent on charging him through green. Theoretically, you could use Templar to generate green but the team lacks a reliable means of charging Templar, so you’re really just kicking the can down the road.

[quote=“CSZ, post:2, topic:10687”]Pride Hunter: Really annoying in the arena, but even in PVP this guy can lock the first troop for a long time. Pride Hunter + Hellcat can lock first troops for a long time. Useful against Maw, Gorgotha and Knight Coronet.

I’ve been using PH in a Raksha team since the Leonis release and I have to say, he’s pretty good. He certainly holds his own.

I had Templar/Priestess/Paladin/Mercy in mind. I don’t actually think that leaving the Templar unsupported is a big issue, he’s not that hard to fill. IMO, anything with 10 or below mana cost doesn’t need a supporter.

EDIT: But maybe I could combine her with Rowanne and build something around it.

It will work against low level competition. The problem against tougher teams is that Templar dies before he can cast, sometimes even just once. Replacing Priestess with Valk makes it a top-tier team.

I do agree that this team is not optimal and I would run it with Valkyrie instead of priestess. However, for being an Underdog, I also like to let the commons shine in combat. I’m currently more interested in Explore mode than PVP because I can try out weirder/weaker teams which have no to little chance in PVP.

FYI, I run PVP with the following teams:
Spider Queen/Reaver/Maiden/Tal’Rae
Carnex/Black Manacles/Shadow Dragon/Giant Spider


Yeah, I’ve been experimenting in Explore a lot lately. I like mixing it up too. :+1:


Hey, I just tried out Templar / Priestess / Paladin / Mercy in PvP and it’s a lot more powerful now (lvl 442) than when I tried a few hundred levels ago.

For one thing, with all the synergy bonuses, my Paladin STARTS with 48 armor. One cast of Templar, one cast of Priestess and he was at 81 with Barrier!


If only templar was a divine knight.

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It would probably be OP if he was. :smiley:

I am not entirely sure about that. 6/9 of the troops from whitehelm are divine, it is understandable for an undead and a demon to not be divine but why is templar left out of the divine loop? @Sirrian care to shed some light on the matter?

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