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Leveling Up A Troop, 1-Star Into A 5-Star

Are actually pretty dangerous. I’ve seen some crazy things these types of troops can dish out. I actually like these types more than the already 4 and 5-Star troops, what are some of the crazy loops y’all seen these 1-star into a 5-Star(mythic) dish out?

i can think of :
rock worm

and a couple of supports that get to be very useful even later game:

star gazer

Priestess is interesting in some combos.

i totally forgot to mention boombot!

The obvious would be Goblins as well. I love common - ultra-rare troops that can hang with the “big boys”. Siren is another good utility troop, does decent damage, and can really churn out the gems. The boar, War Boar I think it is called is pretty decent. The troops from the web place all play well together too. I know I am missing more than a few. I will also second Paladin, he is a beast. Wraith - death touch, and icy touch are just great. I

Most of these are best at lower player levels.

I used to run a team full of Commons for fun and to highlight how you can win any match with careful strategy;

Pride Hunter

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