Comfortably Numb and Misery Loves Company recruiting on Xbox One!


Comfortably Numb

A stress-free Guild created by two Veteran Players (lvl 1,270+). Relaxed, yet active. Rank 111 & Master V (+15 Daily Login Seals).

Guild Tasks: All Tasks (12/12), 4 to 5 LTs
Guild Seals: Hits 40K every week, barring unforeseen circumstances.
Guild Events: Raids, closes Portal 7 or 8. Invasions, completes Stage 8 or 9. GW, Bracket 79 and about 1 Million points each time.

Requirements: Max Seals (1,500 seals, by Friday, each week), 100K Gold (per week), and 100 Trophies (per week)

Optional: All Guild Events (Incl. GW, Raids, and Invasion).

While Guild events may not be a requirement, most of our members do play them, to some degree or another. But, it is not mandatory to participate.

Misery Love Company

For those of you interested in our little family, but can’t keep up with the requirements of Comfortably Numb, I encourage you to join our sister guild, Misery Loves Company.

In this Guild, we will teach you how best to farm things like: gold, souls, and traitstones; help prepare you for Guild Wars; and the like. The best part is, there are No Requirements in this Guild. So, if you work at a slow pace; are busy building your kingdoms; or just don’t have as much time to play as you would like, but still want to be part of a Guild; this is the place for you!

If you are interested in either one of these guilds, please contact me or Ladymynx41 (on Xbox). If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Last updated: 10/20/2018


Just dropped you a message through Xbox bud

My invite code is

A Zombie Nommer_6YHP


Question: What goes “Bump” in the night?

Answer: This Post (up, up, you go).



Look! I can bring things back from the dead!



Hello, is there still a spot in this Guild? It looks like it might suit me quite well. The main barrier I’m seeing for other Guilds is the Trophy requirement. I can get Trophies, but not in the multi-hundred range typically requested. One question I do have is: are you able to get the first Orb of Chaos in Raids and Invasions? You can also contact me at my Gamertag, LovingNine8398, if preferred.


It’s alive, I tell you! ALIVE!


Hello I’m new to the Game. I’m level 72 now and would like to join a active guild.

My invite code is 3VOLUTION_SZTX


I’d you have any space in your relaxed guild OTAKING327_GNQZ could use a spot. He would be a player #5


We actually don’t right now. If we do lose a player, they’re usually replaced pretty quick. Hence, why I haven’t updated our stats (or bumped this thread) since March. But, I did just do so. Now, you have a more accurate idea of our standings.

And, if we do lose a player, and the person you mentioned doesn’t have a Guild at that time, I’d be happy to see if they would like to join then. Assuming they could do the one requirement we have, of course.


Ta-Da! (bump)


Would like to join comfortably numb, lvl 1186, I play a lot, 1500 seals easily. If you have an opening.


Yeah, man, we would love to have you. Just need your invite code. Sorry it took me a bit to get back to you, I was asleep.


OPTIMISTICALLY 1_VRBR and thank you.


I hate autocorrect! OPTIMISTICAL 1_VRBR is correct code. Lol.


It says you invite code doesn’t exist. You sure thats right?


I figured it out. You accidentally put MI in your invite code instead of MY


Bump. Looking for One Person.


Pretty new player, less than a month, but play way too much. Already about lvl 150, deathknight armor etc… If you still need someone let me know. Don’t think the guild I am in right now is doing much.



You need to leave your Guild before I can invite you to mine. But, yeah, we would be glad to have you.


i figured it out