Reverse from normal, I am looking for Xbox guild

(edit I found an a great guild…this thread is no longer needed)

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Feel free to reach out to Dark Avengers over at

DA2 or DA3 will most likely have a slot for you to join a stressless guild who complete all tasks.

Hi it’s Davethan1 I’m GM for Olympus Reborn on the Xbox.
Our requirements are 500 trophies, 1.3mil gold and 2000 trophies.
If this sounds good then send a friend request and I’ll put you in our chats and discord if you have discord.
No pressure and I hope you find a home soon.

thanks for the reply’s and more importantly all the private messages. If anyone else has a guild that hits my participation level feel free to reply or send a private message…thanks.

Sounds like you could be a great fit for us at The Flea Circus. We’re hardcore but also chill.
Here’s our requirements graphic:

Flea Circus Recruiting Graphic

We’ve had a few members head out recently, so once we’re back at full guild (I believe we’re at 25 or 26 right now), then we’ll have no problem completing all the tasks and events. We have a Facebook group and Messenger thread we use for communication every day. We share when Pet Rescues pop up, work together sharing teams, and asking for advice (plus sometimes just chatting about life, super drama free).

We’re all adults with lives outside the game, so we understand when people need some time off. We just ask for open communication. We like Guild Wars, but we’re definitely not hardcore about it. I know a lot of people hate it. We just ask that people participate; we’re never going to nag about scores. Same with weekly events. Just do your best to contribute to the guild, and that’s all we ask.
It’s a really nice group of folks, and we’d love to have a fresh face that wants to come in and hit the ground running with us! Let me know, or feel free to search for the guild in game to join (and search for The Flea Family group on Facebook as well.

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