Comfortably Numb Guild Family Looking For Members! (Not Full)

Infinity Gemmers (Looking for 1 Player)

Are you looking for a high rank guild that completes all tasks, a lot of LTs and even completes all event rewards? Then, come to Infinity Gemmers!

Rank 17 and Bracket 2 in GW!


1,500 Seals
600K Gold
100 Trophies
Heavy Event participation*

*You need to do all GW battles, use all Sigils, etc, so that the entire Guild can best benefit from everyone’s hard work

Comfortably Numb (Looking for 2 Players)

Are you looking for a less “hardcore” guild that still completes tasks, does some LTs, and completes 90% of events? Then come to Comfortably Numb!

Rank 52 and Bracket 5 in GW!


1,500 Seals
100K Gold
100 Trophies
Light Guild participation*

*Here, we just ask that you do 1 battle per day, for GW, so we can get your Defense points. Also, we ask that you at least try and kill a few Towers and do some Boss damage in Raids and Invasions. It helps the guild, as a whole, and helps take pressure off of the higher members, that do buy Multiple tiers and upgrade Sentinels, every event. We don’t expect to close every reward or for everyone to buy a lot of tiers. We just ask for a little participation to help out the guild, overall.

Misery Loves Company (Full)

Are you new to the game, or are burnt out from the grind? Then, you should come to Misery Loves Company! A under 1K Rank guild, that is supported by multiple 1,000+ players! The guild does about 7/12 for each task, every week, and does close some event rewards (though, participation in these events is not required).


Login once a week*

*Yes, seriously, that’s it. We just expect you to login, once a week, so we know that you are still playing, as we don’t want the guild to be filled up by inactive players

If you are interested in any one of these guild, please, contact one of the following people on Xbox:

Starr @ Ladymynx41 (GM of Infinity Gemmers)

Myself @ JonathanStriker (co-GM of Comfortably Numb)

D.B.A @ DBAFT (Recruiter/co-GM for Misery Loves Company)

Thank you for reading!