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Rank 140, bracket 7 guild w/ room for 2 - Easy reqs, no stress! 😎

My guild, Mousey, has room for 2 active players. Our only reqs are weekly guild event participation & whatever gold & seals you can contribute. We regularly complete at least 2 guild tasks per week & earn at least 20k seals. We’re a fun, supportive, no stress group who just want to have fun & enjoy the game. Let me know your invite code if you want in!

Update: Only 1 spot left.

hello, I would be interested to join your guild. I am lvl 1300+, owning all the kingdoms and am in a boring guild. I’m not the best at chatting either. If I do not have to do that constantly (chatting), then I would like to change.
My invitation code is PAMAWEED_MDQ

Pamaweed - I just tried to send you a guild invitation, but it says β€œPAMAWEED_MDQ” does not exist. Are you on Xbox One? If so, try double checking your invitation code.

Yes i am on xbox one. But i am loged in as pamaweed. And when i look at my invcode, it is pamaweed_MDQ.

Sorry, my inv code is pamaweed_7mdq​:wink::wink::wink:

Ok Pamaweed - your invitation code is good now, but you need to leave your current guild before it will allow me to send you an invitation. Let me know when you’ve left your current guild, and then I’ll try again!

So, i am out now

Ok great, I just sent you an invite. Let me know if you have any problems getting in.