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Come live your fairytales (active guild lvl 44 hiring)

Hey adventurers, with the new opportunities our little easy-living guild fairytales could use some new blood. We are actively contributing and the rewards just keep raining. When there will be more of us, the rewards would be raining that harder.
We are playing for several years now, almost from the start of the game, chilling somewhere around 600th - 700th place, but we would not bully anyone - just trying to achieve all there is, everyone at their own pace. Open to beginners as well - with the rewards our guild pumps out you will be up and running in no-time.
See ya at fairytales.

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Hello, lvl46 active player looking for an active guild.

Like the gild name!

Invite code: VISNUHS

invite sent

Lvl 121 just got Viking armor. Can contribute daily. Invite Onyx Sight

Invite sent, welcome :slight_smile:

Stil few free spots!


Lvl 103 active player looking for an active guild.

invite code: LHoDarkness

cannot login from work, will send invite ASAP today.

Still looking for more people. With the new blood there are even more rewards. We still have a few free spots.

Hello! I would love to live out my fairy tales in your guild! I am new to the game, only started playing a month ago, but I do play at least a little every day. I don’t know if I can reach 1,500 seals a week, but I can get at least between 800-1000. I get tier 1 by Sunday each week in PVP. I am level 67, but would love to join your guild so I can continue to level up! My invite code is Elsa_37

Just started last week, level 72, 100 or so trophies this week. My current guild only has one other “semi active” player, so chat is very quite.


Invite code: Toxik 3

Update…I just left that guild.

Hi JAharon and Toxik, sending invites right away :slight_smile:

Awesome! Super excited! Thank you!

Hi. Thank you for letting me join, I am actually looking for a guild that is more active though. Sorry. Best of luck!

No problem, good luck with that :slight_smile:

I would say this guild is very active, and helpful. There are task rewards in the mail several times a day and guild chat is going on all the time (when in-game chat is actually working).

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This is guild is very active with players from all over the world. Good for low to mid level players. Get quite a few tasks completed every week.

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We are getting further and further, but still can use a few more reasonably active players (daily login and some contribution is ok)