[Recruiting] [29/30] Fairy Dreams

Fairy Dreams
Level: 453 (all guild statues above level 100)
League: Rank 282 (Grandmaster II, +16 Daily Login Seals)
Guild Wars: Bracket 11
Discord: Discord

Our main focus is on guild wars and everybody is requested to play guild wars completely without retreating or skipping any battles. You should also set up the unique defense teams to get the extra points. Everybody should participate at the other guild events (raid boss and invasion) as well but it’s not mandatory. There are no further requirements like farming gold, seals (hitting 20k - 30k each week) or trophies but you should show some activity over the week. At weeks a new mythic is released we hit 40k guild seals and at guild wars weeks we are doing the Team Synergy achievement (Completing all guild tasks in a single week) and additionally completing some legendary tasks. We have a Discord channel for communication and keeping track of pet rescue events.

We are an active family-like community with many experienced players from around the world.

If you have fun playing the game actively, especially guild wars, you just found the right guild.

Leave a message with your invite code or join us at Discord or send me a private message if you are interested to join us.

I’d be interested in joining. Invite code FARRA

Hi, I’m interested in joining - FURIOSO_6DLY . I’m relatively new to the game, and haven’t had a chance to try guild wars yet, but I’m active daily and should be able to get the hang of it.

I would be interested in joining. I am a returning player level 1100+

Invite code:


Invite pls


Hey, I’m interested.
1 week plus newbie.
lvl90/1500s/50t, participated in guild wars, raid boss, daily player, prefer guild chat

Let me know if slot is available so I can quit current guild, thanks.

Message replied. Thanks

Invite code


You can read it in the text above. But in short…

  • playing guild wars completely (no skipping, no retreating) + setting up all unique defense teams
  • participate at all other guild events (raid boss, invasion) as good as you can
    That’s all.

Still one open spot left.