[Recruiting] Fairy Dreams - casual guild with a breeze of a top guild


Fairy Dreams
Level: 613
League: Rank 236 (Grandmaster III)
Guild Wars: Bracket 5 (presumably)
Guild Seals: 40k each week
Rewards: All tasks completed on Monday + several LTs over the week + all raid boss / invasion rewards
Discord Server: English communication (no voice)
Members: Mainly level 1000+ experienced players from around the world
Minimum Requirements: Playing guild wars completely + participation at other guild events + 200k gold
Desirable Requirements: 40k guild wars score + 1500 seals + 1M gold


I am coming back from a break and looking for a guild… Level 1146 or so, invite code is BONDSKI.


Hi, suche aktive gilde bin lvl. 614 und momentan noch in der gilde grayhawk.


We have still an open spot.