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Fairy Dreams is looking for someone who fits to us

Hi everybody out there!

We are looking for someone who fits to us. We are an international guild with experienced players from around the world. We have a colorful mix of people from the US, EU and Asia. Our average player level is roughly 1120 (lowest is above 900). We are completing all normal guild tasks on Monday + several LTs during the week. We are hitting 40k seals on Thursday / Friday and completing all guild events (invasion, raid boss, tower of doom). Right now we are one of the top 25 guilds at tower of doom leaderboard. We are playing guild wars at bracket 4 and we are using Discord of course.

We are looking mainly for an experienced player who would fit regarding player and skill level to our guild. It might be possible that we also would take a highly motivated newbie but as said we are mainly looking for an experienced player. We request to donate a minimum of 200k gold per week + participation at all guild events as good as possible. We have still a strong focus on guild wars. We request to play guild wars completely without retreating or skipping any battles and setting up the unique defense teams + buying a minimum of level 2 of each sentinel bonus at Monday of guild wars weeks.

If you are interested to join us please contact me here. Thanks!

Hey there. Although I don’t do the Discord / social chat thing, I’ve been playing this game daily for months, toiling away with meh/average troops but still manage to contribute at least 500K a week (eg, currently with Polish Dragons for 24 days and have given 3.6M gold, that’s 150K per day), get all 1500 seals, 500+ trophies, level 1067 with the 2 or 3 Guilds I’ve joined so far. I always participate in GW and (like an idiot in previous lower ranked Guilds) usually max out the Sentinels.

If you’re still looking, I would like to join a Guild where the rewards are at least commensurate with my efforts.

Thanks, Soran.

@GarbageOfWar thanks for your interest! I wrote you a PM.

Sadly @GarbageOfWar is a console player.

So, means, we are still looking for someone.

New to the site, my bad.