Fairy Dreams is looking for one new member

Hey everybody! We are looking for one good and experienced player. We are an international guild consisting of only high level players (1000+). You should donate a minimum of 200k gold per week and participate at all guild events especially guild wars (bracket 3). We request to set up all unique defense teams and buying a minimum of level 2 sentinel bonus each at Monday of guild wars weeks. We are using Discord for the main guild communication + a lot of team suggestions, gameplay tips etc. etc.
If you are interested just leave a short message here or write me directly.


Not a veteran player as I started playing around 2-3 weeks ago, but serious about the game as I really enjoy it. I am lvl 160 with Magic and almost all atk kingdoms lvl 10. Working on the others atm. I realise that I might be aiming too high but looking to improve rapidly and help as much as I can. Hope you would like to take a chance on me and test me out a couple of weeks at least!

Looking forward to hear from you guys.

My code is skarfwck_fdyk


We are still looking for someone. Come and join us, our community is really nice, a lot of experienced players, we are getting all rewards from all guild events etc. For this all we have really very low requirements.