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Coffee or tea? (warning, might contain pictures of food.)

What is your favorite drink to wake up to? Do you eat breakfast or a light snack? Got any funny stories of breakfast mishaps or legendary breakfast wins? Spill your drink leading to a cascade of victory in gems of war?

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It all depends but usually I’m more of a coffee guy but I like making my own. We recently purchased our own espresso machine so I’m learning the ins and outs of that.



Stand that bottle back up, you heathen! :stuck_out_tongue:


Boring but true…my breakfast consists of one protein shake. I’m watching my calories and trying to build muscle with exercise, so that is all I allow myself. I take it with my morning vitamins, and follow that with a 4 mile bicycle ride to work.

**Mind you, this is on weekdays. Weekends I allow myself a small bowl of cheerios and on Sunday I get one delectable cup of coffee.

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coffee, especially since I have a new bur grinder that lets me make perfect espresso in my 100 year old atomic machine.


Coffee. In a bucket. From Starbucks. With caramel…


do you bring your own bucket?

Nah, Starbucks introduced them to the UK and now everyone does it.


O.M.G. That is waaaayy too much coffee for any one person on any given day…

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Wonder if that will kill me with that much caffeine? Anyone know the formula for caffeine intake to kill a person with?

It’s all based on personal tolerance. I have friends who can’t sleep at all if they have a cup of DECAF after lunch (decaf still contains trace amounts of caffeine).

On the other hand, I drink several cups of regular coffee and espresso a day, including in the evening before bed, and I never have any adverse affects.



Exactly; your body gets addicted to caffeine after awhile and develops a tolerance. Withdrawal symptoms usually include headaches and grogginess.

I try to skip caffeine at least 1-2 days a week to combat this…and it works…sometimes lol

That’s a nice machine. Unfortunately, I had to give up mine, too much work.

I have a Nespresso now (like a Kuerig only make espresso) and I love it. It’s definitely not any worse than the machine-brewed stuff at like Starbucks.

You should try blend orange peels. Loads of protein, 0 calories, and great for your skin

First of all, let me just say this is not meant to be nagging, or anything mean. Have you ever tried to stop drinking coffee? It hurts. Caffeine is an addictive substance, and depending on many facts about yourself, can be having serious “adverse effects” that you are not even aware of. My husband found out that if you have any problems with anxiety or depression, it can make it worse. Now, you may not care, and that is your choice, and no one will tell you different. But I will say, that when I quit, after drinking several cups every morning, that the first week or so is hell, and the craving followed me for months. And now? I drink coffee once a week, because I like its taste, and not because I need it.

(This goes for soda drinkers too, but that has another evil substance in it…sugar!)

/rant off

I’m well aware of the effects of withdrawal. The good news is that I can avoid them simply by drinking more coffee. :smiley:


I’m no coffee snob; everyone should drink what tastes good to them. :smiley:

The best thing about the Nespresso’s (I don’t own one but I’ve had coffee made with them plenty of times) is the bulletproof consistency from them. They don’t make exceptional coffee but they make decent coffee every time and with minimal work. Personally, I like the ritual of making coffee from scratch, grinding the beans, brewing the coffee, frothing the milk. It’s enjoyable to me but it does take time. :slight_smile:

:facepalm: LOL