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Coffee or tea? (warning, might contain pictures of food.)

Yeah, that’s it in a nutshell. It’s pretty much like the difference between Starbuck’s and going to the local shop with the expensive La Marzocco. One is adequate coffee fast and the other is a sit down experience.

The Nespresso makes actual espresso, it’s not BAD (like the Kuerig for example). And while it doesn’t at all compare with a high quality press, the time it saves me is well worth it.

That’ll make the coffee nerds froth with anger! Watch out! :stuck_out_tongue:

When I can make swirly designs in the crema, I consider it real espresso. :wink:

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I think I get addicted to coffee since I was 7 years old. I need it to wake up to go school that was away from my house more than 2 hours. Every day when I get back home I love a cup of coffee with some biscuits.

Years later I buy special coffee from Guatemala, Ethiopia, Kenya, and more… extremely addicted , 4 easy all days.

Of course I get immune to caffeine early, so I can drink a coffee and go bed easily.
The easiest drug in the world. :coffee::coffee::coffee:

I’m actually allergic to caffeine. If I were to drink from that large cup, it would actually kill me.

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i usually get a mountain dew of some sort of flavor and a costco muffin. :smiley:

caffeine for my kids make them go to sleep.

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What are these words together “too much” and “coffee”? :joy:

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Interestingly the lethal dosage for caffeine is half that of arsenic (meaning more potent poison). The amount of caffeine in coffee is so incredibly small, yet it has a huge effect on the body. Also to note that you can die from a lot less nicatyne than either of the other two. Just some food for thought. We used pure caffeine in the lab to do some tests, you have to be careful with it.

Edit wow…

actually LD50 of nicatyne is 0.8mg/kg and LD50 of ascenic is 14.6mg/kg turns out is way way more powerful a poison than I thought.

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Too much of anything is lethal; even oxygen and water can easily kill you at high enough dosages. In fact pure oxygen, just like pure water, can be rather unhealthy.

coffee, but only when i didn’t get enough sleep. else, water. Once i drank 3 cups of coffee to stay awake. Surprise surprise i can’t stay still in class. i entered coffee shock. constantly going in and out of class and to the bathroom. mind that i haven’t drink coffee for a long time before that day.

Depends multiple variables which I drink. But I prefer Mochas when I’m really tired, or Peppermint Tea late at night.

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Just the smell of coffee makes me feel ill. I don’t remember ever drinking any, but I’ve had coffee cake or some such. I love chai tea, and herbal teas that taste like wood and dirt. Pau d’arco and rooibos are some of my favorite varieties.

Dr. Pepper’s what gets me through work though, and it’s the only doctor I need :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

I brew a Keurig puck at work during lunch, and use a burr grinder for my brews at home. It’s true that I like it strong.

I had to cut down to 2 cups from 4 cups of coffee a day. It was giving me chest palpitations, but I thought I was having a heart attack. Neither the caffeine in coffee or tea seems to do anything for my wife so she has no incentive to drink them.

Although there was one time she had a large cup of special Italian roast at 11pm. :wind_blowing_face::coffee: Then wondered aloud at 2am why she couldn’t sleep and didn’t even feel tired at all.

Earl Grey with lemon and honey here is a must. Eventually sage with ginger,lemon and honey :heart_eyes:

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Being the awesome fiance that I am, this is what I bought my honey for her tea. Royal Albert “cheeky pink” tea set for one.


Oh, are you engaged? Who knew??

It that a teacup under the tea kettle and they are sitting on one plate?

Yes, the little tea pot sits on top of the tea cup and it sits on a plate. Cost me around $70 I think.

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That is nice, i now want one for my house.

Wasn’t trying to make a point that coffee was bad, I just thought it was a cool fact. I love me some coffee. Just picked up some new honduran from Trader Joes this morning. Delicious.

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