The Plea of a Coffee & Gems of War Enthusiast

I was hangin’ out in global in between battles a bit ago, & i was talking with some fellow players/friends & the subject of coffee emojis came up again. They said, “why don’t you go make an emoji thread in the forums?” So, here i am!

I know i speak for many, when i say, “ATTENTION DEVS: we need a coffee cup emoji.”

It has been a long time coming! & it doesn’t necessarily have to represent coffee: it could represent tea, or hot chocolate, or whatever your favorite hot beverage would be! We all are a lover of coffee, espresso, & tea at the very least. With that being said, that is just a single emoji. If you (THE DEVS) wanted to make a whole set, take it a step further: do iced coffee! It could be a latte, a frappe, an iced coffee, iced maccha; the possibilities are endless!

BOTTOM LINE: we need a coffee emoji set, or at the very least a single coffee mug emoji.

Yours truly,
HazySpirits - Gem & Coffee Enthusiast

PS: To those in the comments, what other emojis do we need for our chat interactions in-game? I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts. Have a great day, & happy hunting! :grin:


We still don’t have simple :+1: or :-1: emojis!