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Add Gem Emoji to forum

When trying to explain a specific gem setting in the forum, sometimes words are not enough, and people search way to visualize the board in their reply, either with ascii art or using emoji. Current example:

This is however very limiting and not clear enough. I suggest adding a custom emoji to the forum, that actually look like the six gems+skull, which would enable us to set up understandable boards without going through hoops.

Random mockup (should probably look better than this):

I believe adding custom emoji should be possible in the Discourse board system, as explained in this page:
If for some reason it is not possible, then scratch that.


Yes. We need this. Even Steam has them. xD



Confirmed need for forum goers.

This would certainly make my Bug Battles easier to display.

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am i correct, that the steam emoticons can just be buyed? there are not 4 free - or am i wrong?

That’s how all Steam emoticons work - you either get them by crafting badges from trading cards, or you buy them from other people who got them that way.

@yonizaf, Do you by chance have a duplicate of the steam brown gem emoji? I have a duplicate of yellow if you are needing one.

You can actually profit if you craft 5 Gems of War badges on Steam. I made about $5 profit when I did them at the start of the game, plus I got 3 colors for “free”.

Right now the red gem, skull, and poised are all worth over $2.

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I have reached the max number of sets and have several cards left if anyone wants them for trade. Sadly it gave me 4 yellow gem emoji’s, and one green :confused:
I also have a foil Goblin King I’d be willing to trade.