Emojis yes or not

Can we just have a formal pole on weather or not to have emojis I for one would really like to have them

I recommend this pole because it reminds me of Ragnagord.


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Look I’m just here for the salt emoji let’s get real.

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“Complain in Global Chat 15 times or more”

Salt emoji, Salty title.

I mean, it’s not a terrible idea.

Emoji are a horrible idea. Chat is already an annoying wasteland. With emoji it would only get more obnoxious.
Unless there is a 1 gem cost per emoji use in chat, then that would limit the crazy.


I expect to see a torrent of :poop: emojis in global every day after the update.
Assuming that one is commonly available to use.

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You know @Graeme you’re the one that’s gonna be spamming PS4 global with the poop emoji :stuck_out_tongue: lol jk

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Since limiting everything seem the new popular choice, i would put a limit of 10 emoji per week :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope, I will save them all up for whenever I see you there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Aren’t you just the sweetest :smile:

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Just to clarify, you won’t have access to global emojis. We have our own in-game emojis that can be earned. So that means no poops! (At least, not yet…)

It look very easy to unlock, on the saturday screenshot, the poop emoji is in the dungeon pack, so my guess is you will unlock it after the third boss fight :slight_smile:

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I just wish we could use xbox emoji in our guild chat.

Only chat I use is Discord so I reeeeally don’t have a horse in this race, so to speak.

Emoji is not needed and so the text is not visible, but it will be even worse

I think emojis are the another way to express your thoughts.

I’ve got nothing against emojis, but it truly amazes me that there’s so much outdated things that need to be fixed and/or updated, many of which has been covered in topics on these very forums…yet here we are.
Maybe I should move to Australia where coffee mugs, immature team names and emojis are of a higher priority than a functioning product :wink: